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TweetStack- “Tweetdeck for iPhone”

Posted by andyl19 on April 10, 2009

A new Twitter client was just realeased by B1TE, Tweetstack. Now you might me saying, why are you even writing this Andy?  Tweetie is the only Twitter app I ever need! Maybe these features will impress you:

* Organise your Twitter stream using customisable Stacks
* Search Stack
* User Stack
* TwitPic gallery Stack
* Location stack
* Favorites stack
* Replies stack
* Direct Messages stack
* TweetDeck import
* Multiple Accounts
* Add, edit, delete and reorder stacks
* Unread message count on stacks and application icon
* Locally saved messages for offline mode
* SMS style send and recieve of messages
* @ twitter id and # hash tag autocompletion
* TwitPic upload
* Load conversation
* Twitter user profile view
* ReTweet shortcut
* Inline @,# and web links
* Streamlined UI

Now that’s only version 1.0. Look at what they have in plan for verion 1.1:

* Search by Miles/KM on Location Stack
* StockTwits Stack
* Add your location to a tweet
* Auto-scroll to earliest unread tweet option
* Option to change font size
* Simple (as opposed to bubble) tweet view
* TweetFollow integration
* Improved Friend Stack screen with search
* Trends

The thing that impresses me though, is the ability to import Tweetdeck groups. To do so, go here->

The developer even provides a video demonstration:

TweetStack Beta 1.0A from Matt Brooke-Smith on Vimeo.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

So this might have a chance of competing with Tweetie if you think about it. For more info go to the developer website-


021 022

0231 0241




Price: $2.99

Follow them on Twitter- @tweetstack


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Topple 2 Now Available for Download in App Store!

Posted by andyl19 on March 11, 2009

A new sequel to the popular Topple game has now hit the App Store, Topple 2. Topple 2 is made by the folks that brought you the first Topple, Ngmoco:). Features for this new game include:

-Play new game modes including Upside-down, Balancer, Power Tower and Rescue!

-Challenge friends in live multiplayer over WiFi or email your scores to friends and compete when you’re on the go

-Unlock massive replay ability with free play versions of all the game modes.

-Enjoy the visuals of six new worlds, playful animations and a sweeping musical score


This promises to be another big hit from Ngmoco. Currently it’s only $2.99 right now for a limited time.


topple2_screen_02 topple2_screen_04

topple2_screen_03 topple2_screen_05

Check out Ngmoco’s website for more upcoming news from Topple 2 and also their other games:

Get Topple 2 HERE

Price: $2.99

MB: 15.3


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Tweetie 1.3 Update Out!

Posted by andyl19 on March 10, 2009


One of the best full featured Twitter clients for the iPhone and iPod touch, Tweetie, has just been updated with some pretty sweet new features. New features include:

-Post Pictures with Mobypicture and yfrog( in addition to TwitPic)

-New “Link” button to Add to instapaper faster, and repost individual links

-View full- size profile images

-Dark theme                                                                                        tweetie2 integration

-Tweetshrink integration

-Twitlonger integration

-German localization

-Russian localization

-Allow DMs up to 255 characters

-Many UI tweaks

-Play back links

-Option to use “RT” syntax

-Better feedback for posting a Map link

-Improved international date formatting

-Detect invalid profile images

-Fixed account sorting

-Fixed profile image URL decoding

-Fixed links with # anchors

-Fixed “(null)” problem when using bookmarklet

-Fixed problem with @ character in password field

As you can see, many new features were added. My favorite options Atebits added were the new dark theme and tweetshink integration. With these new and improved features, Tweetie is now my favorite Twitter client for the iPhone of all time. Even before this update, I’ve been using Tweetie a lot more than the web!!

tweetie-009 tweetie-010

tweetie-011 tweetie-012

PRICE: $2.99

MB: 0.7

Developed by atebits LLC

Tweetie App Store Link


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Sheep Abduction Review

Posted by iphonetech78 on February 24, 2009

I happen to spot this sheep abduction game on the forum and
decided to try it out. This game is currently on sale now at $2.99.
The price will go up in the first week of march.

The story of this game goes like this: aliens from Planet Zurq 340
is dying because they lack of water. In order to communicate with humans
in a polite manner, they decide to place and move sheep to chew on crops
to form signals so that humans can see they need help. The story sounds like
the movie “signs”.

This game is entertaining in the sense that you need to focus using the
accelerometer and pick up beam enhancers so that you can beam the sheep
up and move them to their destinated locations. Though it sounds easy,
you do need to use alot of practise. You can suck 2-3 sheep at 1 time depending on your skill.

Sometimes the sheeps are going to be killed by wolves or vultures and you
need to pick up a deadly laser so you as the alien can protect the sheep.
Never heard of kind aliens, have you? Maybe this game will make aliens sound kind enough.

There is also a clock ticking to remind you of the time you have left.You can
pick up clocks to delay the time.

Failure to complete the mission will end up like the screenshot below. Cute

I will rate this game 4 out of 5 stars because the game play is fun though it is a simple game. Country music is played throughout the game because of the farm game setting. If you like sheep, you definitely will love this game.

Get this game on iTunes here.

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My first review!- Textropolis

Posted by andyl19 on February 8, 2009

What can I say about this game? WOW! Textropolis has blew me away and the fun factor is extremely high. The main objective of this game is to find words that are in cities like Kingstown, Amsterdam, Bucharest, and Singapore. Such as the word ” tins” is in Kingstown.



There is no time limit, which is nice so you can take your time with Textropolis and relax. Once you find words an airplane will fly across the screen and tell you the definition of the word. If you are stuck for a long time trying to find a word, simply shake your iPhone or iPod and you will get a hint. There is a total of 30 cities that will keep you occupied for a long time.


Overall Textropolis is one of my favorite word games for the iPhone. It’s a game that will last a long time and something that you will keep coming back for more. The only thing I wish Textropolis has is a soundtrack. But that is the only thing. So I give Textropolis 5 stars***** and a big round of applause to the developer, Ian Marsh.

Price: $2.99


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