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Week in Review 3/29

Posted by andyl19 on March 29, 2009

This week I’m just going to keep everything simple by listing the games. So let’s get started right away:

New Mentionable Games


Mega Man® II– $4.99


ElementalMonster TD– $0.99




Wolfenstein 3D Classic– $4.99


Monster Trucks Nitro– $1.99


Bookworm– $4.99

Mentionable Lite Versions


The Quest Lite


Space Bikers Lite


Ferrari GT Evolution: Lite Version


Wild West Guns Lite


ElementalMonster TD Free


geoDefense Lite

Price Drops


Rasta Monkey $1.99-> $0.99

If you want a little taste of Rasta Monkey on your computer go here->, download the plugin and off you go!


Hospital Havoc– $4.99->$2.99


Galcon– $2.99-> $0.99


Drop7– $4.99-> $2.99

Well that’s your weekly iPhone Week in Review! Hope this helps you in making decisions to buy some games!


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Bootant releases video for Game under development

Posted by andyl19 on March 29, 2009

Bootant has recently released a video for a game they are developing. The game may be called Crazy Chopper, but that is not confirmed from them.

This promises to be another solid game from Bootant. The gameplay seems to be similar to another game from them, Crazy Tanks, as you tilt your device to move and tap to shoot.

Be sure to keep an eye out for Bootant and their upcoming games.

Crazy Chopper?

Make sure you you check out Bootant’s website for more information

Also make sure you follow them on Twitter!


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Easter Sneezies Gameplay Video!

Posted by andyl19 on March 28, 2009

So I managed to film a short gameplay video of Easter Sneezies Edition for you guys. This is my first ever Youtube video so don’t hate me if I made a mistake. So I hope you enjoy the video!:)

Easter Sneezies Gameplay Video

Make sure you pick up the game if you like what you saw!

Sneezies Easter Edition

Please check out this out too for more details on this game–

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Gameplay Videos coming soon!

Posted by andyl19 on March 26, 2009

Also with reviews I’m going to try to make a gameplay video to go with them. Right now I’m just considering this because I need to get a better camera first. So if everything falls into place, expect gameplay videos( Youtube Videos) in a couple months. Thanks everyone who visits this blog, I’ll try even harder to get higher quality stuff for you guys especially.


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Aurora Feint II Lite Details

Posted by andyl19 on March 24, 2009

I just got a chance to beta test Aurora Feint II Lite from Danielle Cassley and Jason Citron. It includes all of the same functions and features as the original Aurora Feint and will be FREE. The most exciting thing is that it’ll include more community features such as a newsfeed for every player. This game will be the successor to the original free Aurora Feint: The Beginning.

After a couple minutes of playing around with it, I noticed the framerate and overall performance have been improved very much. The art and music are also better than ever. I’ve also heard the game play has been upgraded to add additional strategy and the tools have been changed to add more incentive to use and level them up also. Depending on the devs situation, you probably can expect this to be out soon(hopefully)

The only thing you might not like are the ads they have added to the Lite version. Soon could be distracting and easy to accidentally click.

Overall this should be very fun if you have had experience with the original Aurora Feint. It would probably be hard for you not to buy the paid version.


aurora-feint-2-beta-009 aurora-feint-2-beta-010

aurora-feint-2-beta-012 aurora-feint-2-beta-013

aurora-feint-2-beta-014 aurora-feint-2-beta-015

I’ll be posting more screenshots soon….

UPDATE: More Screenshots

001 002


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Guest Review and Giveaway- BlackJack Run

Posted by andyl19 on March 22, 2009

This review was writtened by Conrad Weykamp! Please follow him on Twitter! @conradweykamp. The CEO of Seahorse Software, James Lee, was also kind enough to provide you guys with Three promo codes! To win just comment on this review or tweet the following on Twitter: Win BlackJack Run for iPhone/Ipod touch! Go to@AndyL19’s site, for more details! UPDATE: Codes all gone!;)

BlackJack Run is a quick-fire blackjack style game from Seahorse Software The premise behind the game is to make as many blackjack hands as possible. You are given cards one at a time, and cannot see beyond that card.


Games consist of multiple rounds (you can choose to play 3 or unlimited rounds) each round you have to make at least 95 points to advance to the next round. Points are scored by the value each card holds, the closer you are to 21 in each row the better, (for more points and bonus points) Bonus points are scored by having a 2 card blackjack (+100 for each), a 3+ hand of 21 (+50 for each), all row 21 (+200 points) and time left (10x each second).


The great thing about this game is the amount of different options you have to customize you game experience. For example, you can change the background, amount of rounds, how many starting cards you have, wether or not to display the total on the side, and seconds per round.

Each of these settings can be changed to customize to a certain level, the level only determines which settings you are playing at. For example playing at level 13 is the same as playing at level one except you play for unlimited rounds instead of 3.


Another nice thing about this game is how quickly it is to pick up and put down, the perfect balance for a mobile game. Each round takes a max of 30 seconds and you can always hit the home key and the game will be saved for you to play once you’re ready.


Of course you can upload your score to the global highscore list, or keep your own local high scores.

A few disappointing things about this game is I have encountered two crashes, however they were not during gameplay.

Another strange thing is when you have multiple cards turned down, the total of the cards will be shown before you start the game. While this does not affect gameplay too much, it is a strange design choice, because the player will know that they need lower or higher cards (depending if the total before the cards are flipped are high or low). I suspect that this is a bug and will be fixed in an update.

Otherwise, this is a very addicting, well thought-out game that deserves more attention.

++ Addicting
++ Fun gameplay that doesn’t get old

== Meh graphics

— Few crashes (didn’t affect gameplay)

Get BlackJack Run on the App Store!

Developed by Seahorse Software, LLC

MB: 2.2

Price: $4.99

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Week in Review 3/21

Posted by andyl19 on March 21, 2009

Sorry guys that I’ve haven’t got a lot of stuff out this week, I was feeling a little sick. But that sickness wasn’t able to stop me from giving you guys your weekly iPhone Game Week in Review;)

Let’s start with mentionable Lite games this week, shall we?


Virtual Villagers 2 Lite

Try the smash hit game that became famous on the Mac and PC right on your iPhone for free! Any sim and survival fan will love this.


Supermarket Mania Free

One of the many great time management games available for you to try before getting the full version. Features:

– 50 Levels
– Five shops
– Seven types of customers
– Over a dozen products to sell
– Over 20 accessories and upgrades for your shop
– Full storyline
– Highest quality graphics, sounds effects, and music


WordJong Lite

A very good word game among the many already available in the App Store. Use the set of tiles to create words to get high scores and big bonuses.


Hospital Havoc Free

Help your doctor treat some whacky patients and also help manage it. Features:

– 20 career levels (including 5 tutorial levels)
– 3 levels of difficulty for all levels
– 17 different illnesses to manage
– 8 scenarios
– Customizable continuous play for endless enjoyment
– 5 different power-ups and numerous medical machines
– Ability to select a male or female doctor (a total of 10 different choices)
– Ability to select a male or female nurse assistant (a total of 12 different


Little Red Sled Lite

Definitely one of the fastest and funnest racers you can get. Features:

– Original piano soundtrack
– Fluid 3D animations
– Responsive accelerometer controls
– Bonus items
– Jumps
– Air tricks

Some pretty good games were also released this week:

golfLet’s Golf-$5.99(gameloft)

rastamonkeyRasta Monkey-$1.99(Nitako)

aaAlien Abuse-$0.99(Eurocenter)

mgstMETAL GEAR SOLID TOUCH-$7.99(Konami)

Really consider picking some of those games up:)


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Game that will make you say, WTF!?

Posted by andyl19 on March 21, 2009

Little note to everyone: I have not downloaded this app.

You might be saying to yourself what app could possibly make me say that? Well that game is Pee Monkey Jungle Fire. Yes you probably can’t believe what your reading right now but it’s true. As a matter of fact I can’t believe what I’m even typing right now.

The app store description really says what this game is meant to be: a peeing action game

The jungle is on fire!

With fire falling all around, PeeMonkey must protect the other monkeys (the GeeMonkeys) by putting out fires the only way he knows how… Help our hero as he saves the rainforest and each monkey — all in one flow!

• cool peeing controls and effects
• helicopter-like cloud flying controls and drifting effects
• put out fires before the GeeMonkeys go up in flames
• shoot fires in mid-air for extra points!
• monitor your “pee meter” to see if you’re running dry
• catch the water drops to refill (i.e., quench your thirst)
• 10 action-packed levels of increasing difficulty
• atmospheric sounds & parallax backgrounds
• in-game high score

I’m just shaking my head after reading that…

Now the only good thing about this game is probably the graphics. At least they managed to put out some eye catching ones. Here are some screenshots:




I just checked out the developers website-> out it seems they are coming out with another game: PeeMonkey Toilet Training. (I’ll probably need another post just to talk about that). So overall I guess if you like monkeys peeing to save a whole burning rainforest, get this. But if you don’t like stuff like that, probably don’t get Pee Monkey Jungle Fire. (Once again I did not buy this game)

Get Pee Monkey Jungle Fire

[App Store]



Developer: Exoweb Ltd


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Easter Sneezies- Now Cuter than Ever

Posted by andyl19 on March 18, 2009

Antair Corporation has just recently released a new Easter themed Sneezies game. Just like the original Sneezies it has the same gameplay. But in this game it now has new graphics all at a low price, $0.99. Since this game is basically the same as the first Sneezies, I won’t be providing a review for this. Instead just read our original Sneezies review for details about it->

If you want to be in the Easter spirit, I definitely recommend the Easter Sneezies Edition. You’ll get more levels to play and more cuteness taking you over. Really consider this to be your next app purchase.
















Get Sneezies Easter Edition on the
[App Store]


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New Game from Eurocenter- Alien Abuse

Posted by andyl19 on March 17, 2009

Alien Abuse was just released from the people who made other games like Bomber Online, Eurocenter. Early buyers have said this game is just like Castlevania or Metroid. There also have been some negative things said, like the controls are very hard to use. Right now this game is $o.99 for a limited time.


Features in this game include:

– More than 20 hours of game + extras bonuses
– Deadly weapons including laser rifle, grenade launchers, heat-seeking rocket launchers, plasma rifles, flamethrowers, laser sabers, and the nefarious Death Frisbees.
– Power-ups that augment your capabilities. Some allow you to increase your health limit, move faster, turn invisible, and even fly.
– Highly interactive environment with doors, switches, teleporters, hidden walls, buttons, activators, elevators galore to play with.
–  Downright scary sound effects. From alien shrieks and far-off clanging machinery to pulsating lasers or your own thumping heartbeat.

Some enemies in this game you’ll face are


“The ant is the enemy that you will meet most frequently. Much more deadly than the insect variety.

Straight out of Alien these creatures will gnash, claw and shoot their way to a chance to dine on your tender flesh. Ants are somewhat intelligent predators in that they will use their ability to walk on ceilings in order to avoid your attempts to destroy them. Beware: ants often travel in packs.

Each type of ant is a different color and fires one of the eight (or four) weapons provided in the game.”


“These giant robots have in their possession an unlimited number of grenades and they aren’t exactly conservative with their supply. Some models of this robot are immobile while later models will walk towards your character in order to get a better shot. Juggernauts are quite tough and can take a lot of direct hits before they shatter to pieces but unfortunately you usually aren’t given a choice to run away.”


“These agile robots have the ability of flight. Flyers never stand still so they are often difficult to target however a steady stream of laser pulses or guided missles usually do the trick.”

There also many power-ups in Alien Abuse. Some in there are:

Fast Power-up

Fly Power-up

Health Power-up

Sneaky Power-up







Please check out the website of Alien Abuse for more Screenshots->

Gameplay Video of Alien Abuse

Get Alien Abuse on the App Store!

MB: 11.3


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