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Pirate Attack 2 Promo Code Giveway

Posted by iphonetech78 on February 23, 2009

Here is a promo code giveway by CXI gaming Inc. They are giving away 3 codes to Pirate Attack 2.

1. In Pirates of the Caribbean, after the last cannon shot when the Black Pearl takes siege of the town, what cartoon character’s head
shape can be seen in the sky?

2. what other 2 apps did CXI Gaming release?

3. Name 3 outstanding pirate game on the itunes App store
which is most talked about in the forums.

4. what flag is being hoist when pirates are preparing to hijack a vessel?

5. What Island was Pirates of the Caribbean filmed on?

First 3 people who give the correct answers get the 3 codes.

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Pirate Attack II review

Posted by iphonetech78 on February 22, 2009

This game is similar to the connect pipes game. It is a pirate theme instead. Once you manage to connect the ropes to the fire, the cannon will fire out and the ropes will start to burn. You can connect multiple ropes to fire the cannons.

The instructions are very straightforward. Even though it is a small screen, the developer manage to squeeze alot of details on it. Well done!

There is a function to synch your high scores online and to delete them from your device as well. I can see the developer has thought out carefully that the players can play the game offline and is concerned about disk usage issues.

Well, I am not an experienced pipes player. My first try was 220 points and I am ranked as a swabble pirate cadet. My 2nd try was 400 points but my rank still remains as swabble. I think I need to work harder in this game to get my rank up. I believe if you connect multiple fuses together to more fires, your rank will go up more easily. I manage to connect only 1 fuse to 1 cannon only.

Overall, I will rate this pirate game 4 out of 5 stars. It has great pirate music, makes me use my brain in thinking how to connect the fuses/ropes to the cannons and fires. Recommended for quick play and a game to pass your time when you are bored on the train or bus.

Get the game here on itunes.

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