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Week in Review 3/14

Posted by andyl19 on March 14, 2009

Here is an another edition of Week in Rewind. In case your not familiar with this, Week in Rewind is something that tells you which iPhone games to buy and check out. This week we’ve again seen some big releases(such as Oregon Trail) and many lite game releases as well. Let’s start off with big game releases/games you need to check out.

Wheel of Fortune- Sony Pictures Television

wheel-of-fortune The classic game show everyone grew up to like is know on your iPod or iPhone. Just like the show you can spin the wheel, buy vowels, pick letters, and solve puzzles! You might even have a chance to win the grand $1,000,000 dollar cash prize! There are over 1000 different puzzles meant to have hours of fun and entertainment. Exciting features in this game include:

-Use the touch screen to spin the Wheel: the faster you swipe, the faster the wheel spins!
-Includes over a thousand different puzzles!

-Create your own custom contestant

-Try to land on the $1 Million Dollar Wedge

-Theme music, audience audio, and game sounds make  you feel like you are on the show!

-If you run into trouble, there are Pop-Up Tutorials

-Collect Trophies based on your skill



[App Store]

Topple 2- Ngmoco:)


Ngmoco has released a sequel to their immensely popluar game, Topple. They addded a bunch of new features and game modes in this game. New features for this are:

•Play new game mechanics including Upside-down,
˙ Balancer, Power Tower and Rescue!

• Challenge friends in versus mode using
˙ Wi-Fi or E-mail

• Unlock massive replay ability with free play
˙ versions of all the game modes.

• Enjoy the visuals of six new worlds, playful
˙ animations and a sweeping musical score

• Drag, rotate and tilt familiar Topple
˙ faces in this brand new world!

Ngmoco has also added 30 levels in 6 different worlds. You’ll definitely have a good challenge and fun experience with this game.



[App Store]

Other Big Name and Interesting Releases- Oregon Trail, Sully’s Flight, Space Bikers


Make sure to check this article out too->

Oregon Trail-



[App Store]

Sully’s Flight-



[App Store]

Space Bikers-




[App Store]



A Game You Have to Get- 10 Balls 7 Cups

Just watch the trailer to see why this game is a must buy->

Those tacos really made me laugh:)

Get 10 Balls 7 Cups HERE

Lite Versions that you should consider checking out:

Agency Wars Lite


“Become a deadly spy in Agency Wars, the best massively multiplayer online game for the iPhone. Embark on heart-pounding missions across the globe in numerous real-world locations. Protect the planet from evil terrorists, drug dealers and corrupt warlords. Work for one of many top-secret agencies around the world, such as the CIA, KGB, MI6 and more. Increase your skills and abilities to become the most dangerous spy ever.”

Time Crisis Strike Lite


“Adrenaline-pumping rail-shooter action has arrived big time in Time Crisis Strike. The exciting duck-and-shoot arcade game is now available for your iPhone or iPod touch. Tap the screen to fire your semi-automatic pistol and unleash all-out attacks on Wild Dog’s army. Tilt your iPhone to take cover from enemy fire and reload.”

Zombieville USA Lite


“When your town is overrun by the walking dead, there’s only one thing left to do – go through their pockets and look for loose change! As the lone survivor of a zombie apocalypse, it’s up to you to battle legions of the undead in a never ending fight for survival! How long can you hold out? Scrounge for cash and ammunition, and employ a variety of weapons as your inevitable doom closes in around you…”

Payback Lite


“Get a taste of Payback – the critically acclaimed GTA-style game for the iPhone/iPod Touch – with this Lite version.”

Edge Lite


“Develop your telekinetic strength by pushing a Cube within a geometric universe.“Platforms, enigmas and reflexes combine to make Edge a rich and very comprehensive game.”

Chop Sushi! Lite


“Get caught up in sushi-matching mayhem with this innovative puzzler which is destined to become an iPhone classic!
Sink your teeth into exciting match 3 puzzle action as you sample 3 challenging battles (Over 40 levels in the full version). Use the device’s touch screen to literally pick up your chopsticks and swap sushi pieces over the vibrant game board, no need to be an expert – these utensils are easy to pick up and play!
Bring your appetite for adventure as you journey across 1 of the full game’s 15 unique islands meeting new challengers and gathering secret recipes to use in puzzle battles. Create unique combinations, triggering insane combos including the awesome WASABI BOMB! and unleash their devastating effects on your opponents!”

3D Brick Breaker Revolution FREE


“Play 8 unique levels in the extreme Classic Mode and check out 5 mind-blowing power-ups in the Free Version of 3D Brick Breaker Revolution. Download the Premium Version to get the full experience and get blown away by stunning 3D graphics, infinite levels, insane power ups, secret bonus levels, epic boss battles and more! There are 3 amazing game modes to deliver endless excitement: Revolution, Classic and Time Attack! Watch your score bubble up as you are racing to break blocks in this innovative puzzler. Break your first brick to start a revolution today!”

( Feel free to comment if you think there should be an app/game in the article)


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Week in Review 2/28

Posted by andyl19 on February 28, 2009

199856 900092 wordfu light-riders alpine-racer

This week has been very busy and exciting with the releases of apps like Zen Bound and Sway. Many other mentionable games that were releases were Alpine Racer by Namco, Wordfu by Ngmoco, and Light Riders by Ds Media Labs. All of those games are very good quality, so check those out if you can.


Some lite versions of some top notched games were also released. Lite versions of Alpine Racer, Snail Mail, Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, PapiJump Land, Crazy Tanks, Tiki Towers, Pharos IV: Assault, and Arvale: Journey of Illusions are just some of the games released. If your looking to purchase any of those games, I suggest you try out the lite versions first.

alpine-racer tiki-towers


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