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Pocket God update v1.16 allows Pygmies to defend themselves!

Posted by andyl19 on May 19, 2009


Yay! In this new update the Pygmies(islanders) are now able to defend themselves from the T-Rex by throwing a spear at it. The T-Rex has a health bar, and when the Pygmies throw the spear enough times at the T-Rex, it will die. You pick up the spear and give it to the islanders so they can throw it.

Edit: Thanks to Bob who reminded me that there is a Easter Egg in the new version of Pocket God. To find out what it is, highlight the following text:

Go to the original island and tap on the jewel on the statue a couple times. It will turn all the pygmies to ashes.




Pocket God

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PocketGod 1.11 Update Out!

Posted by andyl19 on April 8, 2009


Last week Apple rejected the weekly PocketGod update so the devs decided to combine last weeks update with this week’s update! The first thing they added was the ability for your islanders/pygmies to fish. Just select the “island” from the dock and under it you’ll find a picture of a fish. A fishing pole will drop down. Immediately one of your islanders will go over, pick the pole up, and sit down. Sometimes he’ll catch a fish for one of your islanders to eat, but beware: the shark will bite on your pole and drag your pygmie into the sea and to his doom! Also when you catch a fish, you can then “fish-slap” one of your islanders.


The second feature Bolt Creative added was the ability to add an anthill on your island and an intense magnifying glass. Poke the anthill a couple of times to anger the ants and get them running around the anthill. Once you do that, touch the anthill and drag to create a line in any direction for your ants to scurry to. Now here’s the cool part, with the magnifying glass you can fry the ants or even your islanders! Just drag it above the ant or islander and make sure the light is shining on them. If you do it right your ant should burn and die in seconds while your pygmie catches on fire and suffers a painful death.


Also in this update comes the integration of Feint. You’ll be able to chat to other players in the many chatrooms. Currently as I’m typing this, Feint is temporarily unavailable. It will be back shortly.

So that’s basically PocketGod Update 1.11- Something’s Fishy! + March of the Fire Ants!

More Screenshots




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Pocket God


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