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We have moved!!!!!!

Posted by andyl19 on May 29, 2009

We are moving from this site to


So please go visit us over there now! Hope you enjoy the new site!!


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The long awaited RPG ‘Zenonia’ is out!

Posted by andyl19 on May 24, 2009

Yes, it’s finally here, the game almost everyone has been waiting for, Zenonia from Gamevil. In Zenonia you play either an Assassin, Paladin, or a Warrior. There is a lot to explore and many enemies in the land of Zenonia. Fans of RPG action games will certainly like this one.



The spirit of Real Classic Action RPG

-Anime style characters and graphics
-Numerous quests following an epic storyline
-Various skills with stylish effects
-Hundreds of unique items for each character
-Innovative elements that reflect real life
-Long play time (packed with over 40 hours of game-play)

Other Details:

-Skill Tree System: 8 Active + 8 Passive skills + 1 ultimate skill
-5 item classes: Normal, Magic, Rare, Unique, and Epic
-Good-and-Evil system with an alternative storyline
-Day/Night cycle, Hunger & Weight System that reflects reality
-Dynamic movements with optimized on screen D-Pad
-Automatic target facing and intuitive controls




Zenonia Gameplay Video from AppBankVideo

iTunes Link- ZENONIA

MB: 9.6!

Price: $5.99

This game is certainly worth your money, as it has many hours of gameplay(40+ hours as people claim) and a deep storyline.

Check out all the Zenonia gameplay/review videos here

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First footage of The Sims 3 for the iPhone!

Posted by andyl19 on May 23, 2009

The first real footage of The Sims 3 was spotted on Youtube! After watching it, it made me want Sims 3 for my iPod touch even more. Here’s the video:

This video is from IntoMobile

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Pocket God update v1.16 allows Pygmies to defend themselves!

Posted by andyl19 on May 19, 2009


Yay! In this new update the Pygmies(islanders) are now able to defend themselves from the T-Rex by throwing a spear at it. The T-Rex has a health bar, and when the Pygmies throw the spear enough times at the T-Rex, it will die. You pick up the spear and give it to the islanders so they can throw it.

Edit: Thanks to Bob who reminded me that there is a Easter Egg in the new version of Pocket God. To find out what it is, highlight the following text:

Go to the original island and tap on the jewel on the statue a couple times. It will turn all the pygmies to ashes.




Pocket God

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Exclusive Preview of Com2uS’s ‘Baseball Slugger: Home Run Race 3D’

Posted by andyl19 on May 17, 2009

I was fortunate enough to be able to beta test Com2uS’s upcoming game, Baseball Slugger: Home Run Race 3D. As you already know by the name, Baseball Slugger is a baseball game. If you’ve ever watched the Home Run Derby during the MLB All-Star break, this game is exactly like it.

So, I won’t give out a bunch of details on this game, but many fans of baseball will enjoy this game. With awesome graphics and effects this is certainly a game that has potentional. There are 4 modes currently: Matchup, Arcade, Classic, and Training. In Matchup you play a character and can compete against other people on a server connection for the top spot in the world. In Arcade Mode, you try to hit as many home runs as possible before you get 10 strikes. In Classic Mode, it’s basically the same thing as Arcade Mode, but any ball you hit that’s not a home run counts as a strike.

There also are Special Balls. If you hit one of these out of the park, it will give you extra points. All balls vary in the the number of points you can get. Hitting consecutive home runs also helps out your score, and hitting polls, LED boards, lights, and advertising signs help out as well.

No big bugs I’ve found yet, but I’ll play it a little more and report any to Com2us.

Can’t say too much now as I don’t want to spoil this game for you guys. But I’m sure sports fans/ baseball fans will enjoy this game.





Check out Com2uS’s other great games!

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Zen Bound Updated+Sale+Lite Version

Posted by andyl19 on May 8, 2009


One of the most relaxing games in the App Store is Zen Bound and it just got better. It has just been updated to verion 2.2.1 which includes the following things:


The thing you probably care about most is the new “Tree of Nostalgia” that includes 25 new puzzles. 

Zen Bound has also been reduced to $2.99. So nows a time to get it if you’ve been thinking for a while.

There also is a new Lite version for Zen Bound; try it out: Zen Bound? Lite 

So what you waiting for! Get it now if you like unique puzzle games! Zen Bound? 

025 024

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More screenshots of Bootant’s Chopper game!

Posted by andyl19 on May 8, 2009

Bootant has just posted these two screenshots on Twitter today:



So I guess we can assume the game is going to be called “Crazy Choppers”. No other info that I can find but stay tuned. Anyway here is a video the devs added a month ago:


Other news: There is a new video from Bootant featuring a Finger game called “Finger Run”. Check it out:

Really looks amusing;)

We’ll promise to keep you updated on these games! In the meantime play their other great games!

All of Bootant’s Games for iPhone/iPod touch

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New iConnect Twitter app is Sweet

Posted by andyl19 on May 3, 2009

Just a couple of minutes ago I found a new Twitter app for your iPhone/iPod touch, iConnect. So far a lot of people are enjoying it. Here are some cool features of iConnect:

– Specially designed for iPod touch users: offline reading, retweet and reply
– Innovative 3D friends list User interface
– Threaded Message user interface
– People centered design philosophy

Now the thing that will probably catch your eye is the Innovative 3D friends list User interface. Basically you can see your followers who have recently tweeted all in one place. It will also tell you how many times they did, with a little red number in the upper right hand corner. Here’s a screenshot.


What really impresses me is that you can tweet in landscape mode. It’s appearance is very nice also. 


The sidebar of iConnect makes it very easy to view your @replies, DMs, and also the other tweets of your followers. I think there needs to be an button to refresh your tweets. If the devs add that in the coming updates, this will seriously be a condending app against other great Twitter clients such as Tweetie and TwitterFon.


Right now iConnect has an introducing price of FREE. $0.00, no money will be charged. So I really suggest you get it right now because it will soon go up to $4.99. Overall this app is pretty cool and easy to use, but with a few tweaks this app will be superior.

Developer: NibiruTech LCD 

MB: 1.1

Price: FREE for a limited Time


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Ballerina- A stunning and unique app you haven’t heard about

Posted by andyl19 on May 2, 2009

2009-05-02_102059Now the app Ballerina is not a game, more like an entertainment app. I know a lot of entertainment apps in the App Store are crappy, but this is far from that.

So basically this app is meant to amaze you. If you tilt around the center of the screen, it will give off a 3D holographic effect. You can also see the effect if you look straight down the screen of your device.

Another cool thing of this app is that it changes color. It will start blue and then slowly change to green and purple.

Overall Ballerina is an excellent app to entertain people and very pleasing to your eye. It’s currently $0.99.

This video demonstrates it well:









MB: 2.0

Developer: Raptured Line

iTunes Link:


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