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Topple 2 Now Available for Download in App Store!

Posted by andyl19 on March 11, 2009

A new sequel to the popular Topple game has now hit the App Store, Topple 2. Topple 2 is made by the folks that brought you the first Topple, Ngmoco:). Features for this new game include:

-Play new game modes including Upside-down, Balancer, Power Tower and Rescue!

-Challenge friends in live multiplayer over WiFi or email your scores to friends and compete when you’re on the go

-Unlock massive replay ability with free play versions of all the game modes.

-Enjoy the visuals of six new worlds, playful animations and a sweeping musical score


This promises to be another big hit from Ngmoco. Currently it’s only $2.99 right now for a limited time.


topple2_screen_02 topple2_screen_04

topple2_screen_03 topple2_screen_05

Check out Ngmoco’s website for more upcoming news from Topple 2 and also their other games:

Get Topple 2 HERE

Price: $2.99

MB: 15.3



One Response to “Topple 2 Now Available for Download in App Store!”

  1. Topple is one of my fav game. It really rocks.

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