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New Papi Game!

Posted by andyl19 on April 29, 2009


Yes another game from Sunflat, the makers of PapiJump and a bunch of other games, have released a new Papi game, PapiMissile. As usual, the game is very simple like the rest of the games. This is what the game is mostly about:

OMG! Many enemy missiles are falling down to the Papi Town.

Slide your finger from a military base to launch Mr.Papi (red ball guy) and break all the enemy missiles.

– If you break many missiles at a time, you get more score.

– If all the bases are destroyed by missiles, the game is over.

– Sometimes an extra base flies through the air. If he gets it, a destroyed base will be recovered.

That’s basically all you do. Good thing about most of these Papi games are that they are FREE! So I suggest you download it if you like the other games in the Papi series.

MB: 1.9


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Flick NBA Basketball OUT!

Posted by andyl19 on April 27, 2009


What a great time to get a basketball game! You can play this game as you watch the playoffs!  Although in Flick NBA Basketball, you cannot play a real basketball game, there are five individual events you can play in: 3 Pt. Shootout, H.O.R.S.E., Hotshot Arcade, Long Shot, and a fun Ball Spin mini game. What’s good about this game is that their are REAL NBA players in Flick NBA Basketball for every team in the league! Here’s a list of the players available:

Los Angeles Lakers – Kobe Bryant
Atlanta Hawks -Joe Johnson
Miami Heat – Dwyane Wade
Milwaukee Bucks – Richard Jefferson
Boston Celtics – Kevin Garnett
Houston Rockets – Yao Ming
Minnesota Timberwolves – Al Jefferson
Charlotte Bobcats – Gerald Wallace
New Jersey Nets – Vince Carter
Chicago Bulls – Derrick Rose
New Orleans Hornets – Chris Paul
Cleveland Cavaliers – LeBron James
New York Knicks – Nate Robinson
Dallas Mavericks – Dirk Nowitzki
Oklahoma City Thunder – Kevin Durant
Denver Nuggets – Carmelo Anthony
Orlando Magic – Dwight Howard
Detroit Pistons – Allen Iverson
Philadelphia 76ers – Andre Iguodala
Golden State Warriors – Monta Ellis
Phoenix Suns – Shaquille O’Neal
Houston Rockets – Yao Ming
Portland Trail Blazers – Brandon Roy
Indiana Pacers – Danny Granger
Sacramento Kings – Kevin Martin
Los Angeles Clippers – Baron Davis
San Antonio Spurs – Tim Duncan
Toronto Raptors – Chris Bosh
Memphis Grizzlies – Rudy Gay
Utah Jazz – Carlos Boozer
Miami Heat – Dwyane Wade
Washington Wizards – Caron Butler


2009-04-27_190651 2009-04-27_1907191

2009-04-27_190745 2009-04-27_190809



So jump on this opportunity to get another great game from Freeverse!

MB: 80.4

Price: $4.99

Flick NBA Basketball

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Upcoming Game~ Koala Dartz

Posted by andyl19 on April 24, 2009


The great people over at Starbyte were kind enough to let me beta test their upcoming game, Koala Dartz. Now I can’t saw that much of the game because I don’t want to spoil it for you guys, but I’ll say this: Fans of the flash game, Bloons, will truely love this game. It’s very much like Bloons, except the main character is a Koala.The main objective is just like Bloons too: Shoot at the balloons with limited darts to reach the target goal. Their also is a nice amount of obstacles in the game also. The game is supposed to have 50 levels when it’s released.

Here is a screenshot for you guys:


More screenshots will be added later.

There are two videos of Koala Dartz on Youtube:

Please check out their website for more info and screenshots:



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Week in Review 4/19

Posted by andyl19 on April 19, 2009

Sorry for not posting Week in Reviews the past couple of weeks, I was really busy. 

This week we’ve seen some more quality games trickle in to the App Store. Let’s start with new games:

iron-sight Iron Sight

 Current Price: $0.99

MB: 50.1  Iron Sight

Iron Sight offers a unique blend of action, strategy and simulation. The basic premise is deceivingly simple: destroy the enemy before he has a chance to destroy you!


– Dual campaigns and single mission game modes 

– Internet and hot-seat multiplayer

– Beautiful 3D environments, high quality visuals, animation and sounds

– Wide arsenal of different weapons

– In-game tutorial and easy-to-master controls



 Current Price: $1.99

MB: 2.1  Saucelifter

A peaceful interstellar mission-gone-wrong has left your crew-mates stranded, and in the hands of an aggressive Earth military! Now, your mastery of superior flying-saucer technology is their only hope for survival.


* Addictive, pick-up-and-play action with no annoying dialogs or interruptions
* Silky-smooth, crisp vector graphics
* Dynamic stereo sound effects, and lots of ’em
* Accelerometer-controlled flying saucer! (what else do you really need?)
* Easy auto-calibration of tilt controls
* Superior alien 3-way touch-firing technology
* Easy-to-follow Tutorial Mode
* Multiple difficulty levels
* High scores
* Listen to your music while you play


 Cosmic Nitro

 Current Price: $0.99

MB: 4.2 Cosmic Nitro

In Cosmic Nitro you must blast through nine different invasions. To play merely touch the invaders to blast them, but when things get too tough you can swipe the screen to launch a shield.


– 5 different enemies
– 9 intense invasions
– Apocalypse Mode
– A secret level
– Music / Sound effects
– Suspend / Resume
– High scores


 MLB World Series 2009

 Current Price: $7.99

MB: 37.7 MLB World Series 2009

MLB World Series 2009 redefines baseball gameplay for the iPhone and iPod touch with exclusively designed pitching and batting controls that let you paint the corners of the strike zone or take a hanging curve deep into the Monster Seats.


* Multi-touch Pitching Mechanics

* Accelerometer Targeting

* World Series mode

* Season mode

* Exhibition mode: 

* Fielding modes

* 3-D animations

* Authentic MLB action


 Sky Burger

 Current Price: $0.99

MB: 4.1 Sky Burger

Sky Burger puts you to work stacking burgers to order! Catch the right ingredients as they fall from the sky, and don’t forget that top bun when you’re done!


– Resume game support
– iPod music support
– Online stats and scores
– Online backup of game saves


 Leaf Trombone

 Current Price: $0.99

MB: 4.9 Leaf Trombone: World Stage

Leaf  Trombone World Stage —
The First Massively-Multiplayer Music Game 


Watch and Judge other musicians, Play, and Compete against other players with your Leaf Trombone



 Current Price: $0.99

MB: 10.1 UniWar

UniWar™ is the online multiplayer turn-based strategy game for the iPhone. 
Players take turns building their army and fighting against each other using the strengths of their units while taking advantage of the terrain. It is like chess or checkers but with a lot more possibilities and different boards. 
Join several games and move up the ranks to become the top player!
Play anyone, anywhere at anytime!


– 3 races, each with eight varied units.
– 50+ maps to choose from with up to 8 players.
– Play up to 20 games at once.
– Team play allows 2v2, 3v3 and 4v4.
– Campain Mode with 21 missions.
– Play modes: Multiplayer online, Vs. the phone AI, Vs. a friend on the same phone (hot seat), and Campaign mode.
– Worldwide Global Ladder.
– Create or join several games.
– Email notifications when it is your turn.
– In-game chat channel and server main chat room.
– Dedicated game ladder.
– Rated or unrated game selection.
– Game settings include fog of war and online bots.
– Animated units during play.
– Cross-platform game. Play your friends even if they have another phone model.
– Dedicated website.


 Playman Track & Field

 Current Price: $0.99

MB: 19.0 Playman Track & Field

Take on the world of sports in this ultimate race for gold! Playman Track & Field arrives to your iPhone & iPod touch jam-packed with an un-beatable combination of track and field challenges, tournaments and 12 unique characters. 


* Five track and field events – 100m Dash, Long Jump, 110m Hurdles, Pole Vault and Javelin
* Upload your scores online – Can you beat the best of the best? 
* Compete against international sports superstars or up to 6 of your friends 
* Three awesome and unique game modes; Challenge, Survival and Multiplayer 
* Play as Playman or his sister Blaise or choose from 12 other unique characters! 


Binary Game $1.99->$0.99

 Glyder $1.99->$0.99

 Wild West Pinball $2.99->$1.99

 Moster Trucks Nitro $1.99->$0.99

Hill Billy $5.99->$2.99

Critter Crunch $4.99->$0.99

Wooden Labrinyth 3D $3.99->$0.99

Well that’s your Week in Review! Enjoy your new app purchases! 



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First review at is up!

Posted by andyl19 on April 19, 2009

Just a heads up for you guys, my first review on is up. Check it out->

Hope you guys like it, more to come Ü

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Another great game from Ian Marsh released- Sky Burger

Posted by andyl19 on April 15, 2009


Yes that’s right, anther soild looking game from Ian Marsh was released today, Sky Burger. Just like Scoops( another game from Ian) you have to catch falling Burgers from the sky rather than ice cream now. You’ll have to catch the right ingredients from the sky so you make the perfect burger( Don’t forget the bun at the end!). There are over 50 unique burger orders that grow taller and taller the more orders you complete. Earn cash for each burger you complete, and if you do really well, you might get promoted up the Sky Burger corporate ladder. Look at your own career stats and see if you match up with the top Sky Burger employees.

Sky Burger Preview Video


011 0121

013 0141


Download Sky Burger!

Sky Burger

Price: $0.99 for a limited time! (regular price is $2.99)

MB: 4.1



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New Page! Upcoming Games!

Posted by andyl19 on April 12, 2009

Hey everyone, I just released a page for ” Upcoming iPhone/iPod touch games here-> If any developers want me to feature there upcoming game, just shoot me an email at I’ll be sure to update this page with your game. Anyway hope you guys like it:)

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TweetStack- “Tweetdeck for iPhone”

Posted by andyl19 on April 10, 2009

A new Twitter client was just realeased by B1TE, Tweetstack. Now you might me saying, why are you even writing this Andy?  Tweetie is the only Twitter app I ever need! Maybe these features will impress you:

* Organise your Twitter stream using customisable Stacks
* Search Stack
* User Stack
* TwitPic gallery Stack
* Location stack
* Favorites stack
* Replies stack
* Direct Messages stack
* TweetDeck import
* Multiple Accounts
* Add, edit, delete and reorder stacks
* Unread message count on stacks and application icon
* Locally saved messages for offline mode
* SMS style send and recieve of messages
* @ twitter id and # hash tag autocompletion
* TwitPic upload
* Load conversation
* Twitter user profile view
* ReTweet shortcut
* Inline @,# and web links
* Streamlined UI

Now that’s only version 1.0. Look at what they have in plan for verion 1.1:

* Search by Miles/KM on Location Stack
* StockTwits Stack
* Add your location to a tweet
* Auto-scroll to earliest unread tweet option
* Option to change font size
* Simple (as opposed to bubble) tweet view
* TweetFollow integration
* Improved Friend Stack screen with search
* Trends

The thing that impresses me though, is the ability to import Tweetdeck groups. To do so, go here->

The developer even provides a video demonstration:

TweetStack Beta 1.0A from Matt Brooke-Smith on Vimeo.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

So this might have a chance of competing with Tweetie if you think about it. For more info go to the developer website-


021 022

0231 0241




Price: $2.99

Follow them on Twitter- @tweetstack


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PocketGod 1.11 Update Out!

Posted by andyl19 on April 8, 2009


Last week Apple rejected the weekly PocketGod update so the devs decided to combine last weeks update with this week’s update! The first thing they added was the ability for your islanders/pygmies to fish. Just select the “island” from the dock and under it you’ll find a picture of a fish. A fishing pole will drop down. Immediately one of your islanders will go over, pick the pole up, and sit down. Sometimes he’ll catch a fish for one of your islanders to eat, but beware: the shark will bite on your pole and drag your pygmie into the sea and to his doom! Also when you catch a fish, you can then “fish-slap” one of your islanders.


The second feature Bolt Creative added was the ability to add an anthill on your island and an intense magnifying glass. Poke the anthill a couple of times to anger the ants and get them running around the anthill. Once you do that, touch the anthill and drag to create a line in any direction for your ants to scurry to. Now here’s the cool part, with the magnifying glass you can fry the ants or even your islanders! Just drag it above the ant or islander and make sure the light is shining on them. If you do it right your ant should burn and die in seconds while your pygmie catches on fire and suffers a painful death.


Also in this update comes the integration of Feint. You’ll be able to chat to other players in the many chatrooms. Currently as I’m typing this, Feint is temporarily unavailable. It will be back shortly.

So that’s basically PocketGod Update 1.11- Something’s Fishy! + March of the Fire Ants!

More Screenshots




Get PocketGod!

Pocket God


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I will start working with!

Posted by andyl19 on April 8, 2009

Hey guys and gals, just to let you know I have taken a job over at to write some reviews. Don’t worry, I’ll still be writing stuff here, but some reviews will be over there. The owner of, Nick, is a great guy and it would help if his site got some more readers. So that’s pretty much that, I hope to see some of you guys over there for my first post!


Follow Nodpad on Twitter!


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