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Scoops- Ice Cream Goodness

Posted by andyl19 on February 19, 2009

Scoops is one of those perfect games if you only have a minute or to play when your on the crapper:) It is probably the best kids game out there, so people that have children, this is a game that will amuse them. Anyway I hope you enjoy my review of Scoops by Ian Marsh.

scoops-018The gameplay is so simple in Scoops but it’s still a whole lot of fun. You have an ice cream cone and try to catch as many ice cream scoops falling from the sky. You move the ice cream cone by tilting your device side to side. Every ice cream cone you miss, you lose a couple of points. There are also purple scoops with stars. Every one you get gets you an extra life. When you start out a game you begin with 3 lifes. If you manage to get scoops with the same color in a row you will get bonus points.


But the one thing you have to watch out are the veggies!! Make sure they don’t fall on your cone or you’ll will lose a life. The higher up you get the faster the scoops will fall and the more wobbly your tower of ice cream will get. You can be able to stack higher than the moon and other various planets.If the veggies manage to fall on your cone until you run out of lives, the game will be over and your score will be saved.


If your really have good reflexes and hand eye coordination, you’ll probably be able to make Scoop’s daily world wide leaderboard. Also you can view your own high scores and local scores.


I see no reason you shouldn’t have this game. It’s addicting, fast placed, and a real time killer. Adults and children of all ages will get a kick out of playing this while trying to get a higher score than each other. And it has ice cream in it! Who doesn’t like ice cream!? So definitely consider getting this for the small price of 1.99 as it’s another gem by Ian Marsh. 4.5 stars out of 5*****




Current Version: 1.5.3

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