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An Explosive game- Bomber Online

Posted by andyl19 on February 15, 2009

This game has blown me apart( no pun intended). Bomber Online is exactly what you think it is, a Bomberman game. But it is way different and more fun than the other Bomberman game on the app store.


Your goal in Bomber Online is to destroy all your opponents using many types of bombs. You will have to be fast to react and try to grab as many weapons as you can to use on your foes. There are 6 worlds you can play in, Snow, Beach, Underground, Town, Lava and Classic. If you can’t manage to kill your opponent after a long period of time, there will be an explosion that will make it’s way around the board to try to wipe you out.

The sound effects and music in Bomber Online is very good. But the music can get a little repetitive at times. You can play online against people all over the world or just play against the computer. There is also an adventure mode in which you try to kill all the monsters and to survive.


There are all lot of options in Bomber Online, which is good. You can choose how you can move your character around by swiping or using a d-pad. You can set the pace of the game to either slow, normal, or fast. Invite friends that have Bomber Online so you can play them and try to outsmart them to victory.

There are some problems with Bomber Online though. This game can have serious lag problems when playing multiple players and when there are bombs detonating everywhere around you. And there always is the battery problem. Bomber Online can really eat up your iPod or iPhone’s battery up extremely fast. Overall Bomber Online is a solid recreation of Bomberman, a fast paced game that gets your adrenaline pumping, and a game that you can’t take your eyes off.


4 stars out of 5*****

Should I buy it? Yes definitly worth the download of 30.7 mb

How much is it?? $0.99( Get it before the price goes up!!)


P.s. First Three People to comment on this get Blue Attack codes!!

10 Responses to “An Explosive game- Bomber Online”

  1. ben said

    How does this compare to the original Bomberman?

  2. sam said

    wow i think i want to buy bomber online now 🙂

  3. Kurasu said

    Bomber online is awesome, bought it the other day.

  4. andyl19 said

    Thanks to people who commented: ben, sam, and Kurasu!! Guys check your email soon for a Blue Attack code!!

  5. Josh said

    You know this is one of my top favorite games! Great review 🙂

  6. andyl19 said

    Thanks Josh!! Guys add me: Username AndyL. Looking forward in playing you! Also to the people who won codes, did you get an email?

  7. rich_952000 said

    I will add you Andy L, I am rich_952000. see you on TA.

  8. dbomb said

    awesome game. im addicted. rite now i almost have 10000 wins. YEAHHH

  9. Dbomb said

    I had 14,000 and then my iPod broke FML now I have 6000 on my new one

  10. flash said

    Thanks that was a excellent post.

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