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First review at is up!

Posted by andyl19 on April 19, 2009

Just a heads up for you guys, my first review on is up. Check it out->

Hope you guys like it, more to come Ü

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Sneezies- Contagious and Cute at the Same Time

Posted by andyl19 on March 2, 2009

Sneezies is one of the cutest games ever for the iPhone and iPod touch device. I mean just look at the icon and you’ll find out what I’m talking about. Those adorable and fluffy creatures will surely take you over to the soft and cuddly side.


Not only is Sneezies a cute game, it has pretty good darn gameplay. Your main objective is to try to eliminate as many Sneezies in bubbles by using magical sneezing powder. Touch one of the floating Sneezies to make it sneeze and it will trigger a chain reaction and remove all the close by Sneezies around it. When you eliminate Sneezies they make a very cute “achoo”! sound. You be amazed of the marvelous chains you can start.


There are two gameplay modes in Sneezies: Classic and Challenge. Classic mode has 45 levels, each getting a little harder every time and Challenge mode has 15. Every level will have a goal of how many Sneezies you need to pop. If you don’t reach the goal you’ll still be able to move on to other levels.


The sounds, music, and graphics are gorgeous and beautiful. The sound effects will make you smile every time and the music is very soothing and tranquil. They will ease your pains and will take you to a world full of fun and cuteness. There are many backgrounds you can play in Sneezies, like a snowy one and a fall themed one.


Overall Sneezies is a superb game to burn a couple hours out of your day. I know some people out there are like” Why should I get this, it will embarrass my manliness”! You won’t care what people think of your manliness once you start playing this. Sneezies is addicting as crack and a game that will overwhelm you with it’s cutness. Great job Antair Games for making this game that outshines many quality games and Chillingo for publishing Sneezies!

4.5 out of 5*****

MB: 5.8

Price: $1.99

Get Sneezies: HERE


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The most Colorful game I’ve ever seen- Dapple

Posted by andyl19 on February 23, 2009

I’m pretty sick of color matching games on the App Store, but Dapple has revived my feeling of them. Dapple is a color matching game with a very good twist from Streaming Colour Studios. You make matches by mixing paints around you to form new colors. For example if you have the color yellow by a green, the yellow color will mix into a green and form a match. In order to get a match you have to get a match of four or more.


At first you might not know how to play Dapple, but this game gives you many tips and hints so you’ll know how to play it in no time. Once you know how to play Dapple, it can be very fun and addictive like cocaine.

iphone-games-007There are a variety of modes in Dapple. If you want to relax you should choose the “Classic” mode. If you want a little challenge try “Timed”. Or if you have a friend both of you should try the 2 player mode. If your colorblind, no fear as you can change the colors to more suitable ones in the options.


The thing you have to watch out in Dapple is the brown paint. If you have too much of it, it can quickly end your game. But the good thing is that you use other colors to take out the brown paint. There are also powerups in Dapple. If you see a raindrop on the board, you can use it to eliminate large groups of colors. To use the raindrop you simply have to match it will another color. The other special item is a diamond. If you match it up, it will eliminate all the paint squares of the same color.

The soundtrack in Dapple is one of the best I’ve ever heard. It’s very soothing and would make anyone fall asleep(literally). The graphics are sharp,colorful, and easy on the eyes. Another great thing about Dapple is that it will keep track of your personal high scores.


Overall Dapple is one of the best color matching games on the app store. I know the price( $4.99) might seem a little steep,  but you’ll definitely not regret if you buy it. If you have questions about Dapple, I suggest you tweet OwenGoss or email him at

4.5 stars out of 5

Get Dapple Here


Here is a walk through video of Dapple

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MoMo Notes App Review

Posted by iphonetech78 on February 23, 2009

Momo is a note-taking app by MK HQ. It works like a memo or notes taking app which can synch to the web.

Here are my first impressions of this app. I tried creating 2 notes by keying by adding a new note using the far right notepad icon.

It also allow adding pictures to the memos. Just click on the camera icon.

However, I find when emailing notes with images, only the note without the image gets sent to my email.

However, there is no issue synching notes with images. This works perfectly.

You can sort the momo notes by its tags. You can add different tags to each note. You can also email the developer from the app when you hit problems with usage of the app. I see this a welcome feature.

Other than that, you can also lock your notes inside the app with a passcode to prevent others from viewing your private notes.

The notes are sorted by date, which you can view by the calendar.

The url to see the momo notes you synch to the web is This function really works.

At $4.99, I believe it is a worthwhile buy except for the minor glitch emailing notes with images, which I hope will be fixed in the next release.

Get this app on itunes here.

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TouchSmash Review

Posted by iphonetech78 on February 22, 2009

I happen to come across this small game for kids on the apple store. It is called touchsmash.

This game operates by finger touches. Initially, the iphone screen will be blank when you start the game. Once you touch the screen, random pictures will pop up and different funny sounds will appear with each touch. As the pictures pop up, the older pictures gets cleared to make way for new ones. Thus, it is not that boring.

If you got a crying niece or nephew, I believe this app will distract them and make them smile again. Simple yet effective if you are tasked to babysit them.

Get it here on itunes. It is only $0.99. Make your niece or nephew happy.

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Pirate Attack II review

Posted by iphonetech78 on February 22, 2009

This game is similar to the connect pipes game. It is a pirate theme instead. Once you manage to connect the ropes to the fire, the cannon will fire out and the ropes will start to burn. You can connect multiple ropes to fire the cannons.

The instructions are very straightforward. Even though it is a small screen, the developer manage to squeeze alot of details on it. Well done!

There is a function to synch your high scores online and to delete them from your device as well. I can see the developer has thought out carefully that the players can play the game offline and is concerned about disk usage issues.

Well, I am not an experienced pipes player. My first try was 220 points and I am ranked as a swabble pirate cadet. My 2nd try was 400 points but my rank still remains as swabble. I think I need to work harder in this game to get my rank up. I believe if you connect multiple fuses together to more fires, your rank will go up more easily. I manage to connect only 1 fuse to 1 cannon only.

Overall, I will rate this pirate game 4 out of 5 stars. It has great pirate music, makes me use my brain in thinking how to connect the fuses/ropes to the cannons and fires. Recommended for quick play and a game to pass your time when you are bored on the train or bus.

Get the game here on itunes.

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Archibald’s Adventures Review

Posted by iphonetech78 on February 21, 2009

We are fortunate to obtain a copy of Archibald’s Adventures from “Rake in Grass” to do this review. Thanks!

This game is a full-featured platform game that has 114 levels. The free lite version only has 32 levels. The story is about a school boy Archie being adventureous and went skateboarding to a scientist mansion. However, his experiments went havoc and all the monsters in the experiment escape and Archie must find the central computer to restore peace and order in the mansion.

The game options are very much the standard, giving users the choice to adjust the music and sound levels and the orientation of the game.

There are total of 7 stages in the game. Each stage comprises of 16 levels. See below screenshots for clarifications. I am showing up to the 4th stage to make this review show nicely on 1 page.

Stage 1:

Stage 2:

Stage 3:

Stage 4:

Here are some in-game screenshots:

You will notice from the above screenshots that alot of hints are given to solve each level. These hints will tell you which lever to press and which obstacle to avoid to prevent Archie from getting killed. So I will feel the difficulty level of this game is moderate, which is playable for the average platform gamer. Some of the levels even denote which object you need to activate first by numbers (1, 2, 3 etc) so you can know which object to move first in order to get to the exit door.

The navigation controls are situated on the left side of the game for easy access. No problems encountered with that during the game play. Most of the time, you will find yourself having to go to the platform that is on the other side, having some traps in the middle. In order to speed across to the other side, just hold the button that has the direction you need. You will be able to make it to the other side without the need of a jump button.

Overall, I find the game pleasing to the eyes. Each level is done up to great detailed e.g. the graphics are well-drawn for each level. The full version has dropped from a price of $7.99 to $4.99. If you are unsure whether to get the full version, just download the lite version and give it a try.

Check out the game in the Itunes Appstore.

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Note: Here is a trick for those who like to try – you can adjust the location of the navigation control by tapping on “configure controls” in the middle of the game and choose the location where you like to place the navigation control.

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Catcha Mouse Review

Posted by iphonetech78 on February 20, 2009

This cute mouse game I got it at appshopper when it is free.

Though free games often give us an impression that the gameplay is not good. This game tends to differ on this aspect.

Here is the game menu. It look pretty cute, isn’t it.

The instructions on the game are very brief. Soon you will
discover that this game is very easy, which needs very little introduction.

The only options are sound controls and difficulty levels as shown. Very neat.

Here are some in-game screenshots.

I reach up to level 20 on the easy game mode. I have not try out the difficult game mode. Maybe I will fare badly there 😦 .

Though of a similar genre, the gameplay is different. You need to place mouse traps to stop the mouse from reaching that hole to escape.

To conclude, this game is a must-get for those itching to have some mouse fun. The mouse in the game does actually squeak like a real mouse. That is good to know, isn’t it?

It is available here on Itunes.

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This game was made by Odasoft

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Bag BigFoot review

Posted by iphonetech78 on February 20, 2009

I happen to have this Playscreen game. It is pretty fun so I think I ought to share this review with the people out there. Good things are meant for sharing, isn’t it?

The story of this game is to trap or bag the bigfoot creature created by Playscreen. When you do trap bigfoot with the pillars, he will let out a cry and when you let him out of the maze, he will laugh at your inability to trap him. Quite amusing though.

There are only sound options in this game: either to turn off or turn on. This game does not need accelerometer so it has no accelerometer options to adjust.

It has also allow 3 saved slots for game saving. Quite sufficient I will say.

okay, here are some screenshots from the gameplay itself. You guys can’t wait can you? 😛

Well, the bigfoot does get cleverer as the game progresses. So here are my pathetic game scores.

Do remember to save your game progress or you need to start all over again.

If you guys need to buy this cute little game, head on to itunes at this web address:

It is only $0.99, lesser than the price of starbucks coffee. I am sure you will have fun as much as I do.

Hey guys welcome iphonetech78 or daren771 to my blog! He will help write reviews for me as well. Please comment on this review and welcome him!

Check out his twitter page also:

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Symbolism-a puzzle game

Posted by carolynn7 on February 20, 2009

Symbolism is part puzzle, part strategy and is based on a game I used to play all the time on my Palm, Alchemy. This game is a total classic in my mobile gaming stable. It’s challenging as heck and you could find yourself playing it for hours on end!


The game board consists of a grid. You are given squares that you must place on the grid. The squares have a colored symbol on them and have a gold background. Now, you can’t just flop down squares anywhere you want to, you have to place them according to symbol and color. For example, if you have a red M, you can place another red symbol next to it or a different colored M. There is a block in the middle of the board when you start, that’s basically a wild that you can place any square next to. There are empty gold squares that can be placed on an already gold square. This can help you place other squares when you are stuck. When a row or column is filled with squares, it clears the symbols, but the gold squares stay. To win the level you must cover the grid with gold squares.


What’s great about this game: There are three levels of difficulty; Easy, Medium and Hard. There are two different scoreboards, Online global scores and in game personal scores. There are also clearly written instructions that will help you learn how to play. The game has great sound effects, which are nicely done. You also have the ability to play your own music from your iPod collection. The graphics are highly polished and I had no problems with it crashing or game play bugs.

What I’d like to see added: Background music would be really nice.


My overall impression: A definite keeper! I give it 4.5 out of 5 stars. It has endless replayabilty due to it’s many levels of difficulty and online scoreboards. The developer, Drew Borland, is still working on the game, so there is more to come! It’s also ONLY $0.99 cents, so go get it in the App Store today!

Link to Symbolism


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