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Awards for February!

Posted by andyl19 on February 28, 2009

Hey guys! This will be an official post for every month from now on. We will tell you what game deserves a award for almost any catagory. So I hope you enjoy this!


Action Game- iDracula

iDracula definitely deserves action game for February. In less than a week, iDracula shot up the iTunes charts to #1. The graphics and gameplay define iDracula. It will get your blood pumping very quickly. There also are vampires, who doesn’t like that? Get it!

A close second is Sway by Illusion Labs

Word Game- Wordfu

Wordfu is butt kicking game. It combines a kung fu theme with a word game. Wordfu is a solid game to pick up whenever you have time and it includes a truck load of cool achievements. Get this game if you like kung fu and word games:) Made by Ngmoco. Wordfu Link


Adventure Game- Little Red Sled

Little Red Sled is just a very catoony, and excellent racing game made by Imangi Studios, the guys and gals that brought you Imangi and Imangi Word Squares. You race down a slope and try to avoid obstacles like evil bunnies and jump off ramps to score big points. This will bring back memories of you racing down hills, so that might even make Little Red Sled worth it. Get Little Red Sled


Puzzle Game- Zen Bound

I’ve already told you guys how good Zen Bound. If you haven’t read it yet goHere. It’s so good it doesn’t deserve 5 stars, it deserves how many stars that are in our galaxy. Zen Bound is worth the $4.99 and by the time next year rolls around, it will have almost every award possible. I’m serious. Zen Bound Link


Developer of the Month/Publisher of the Month- Secret Exit and Chillingo

Here is more props for the creators of Zen Bound, Secret Exit. They deserve this 100% with their game Zen Bound. If you don’t have Zen Bound, you should be ashamed of yourself. If you could only have one game, Zen Bound would be a sure choice for me. Congrats Secret Exit on this unbelievable game and thanks to Chillingo for publishing it!

008 chillingo-001


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