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Week in Review- 3/7

Posted by andyl19 on March 8, 2009

And here is your weekly iPhone and iPod game wrap up of the week. Some big named games went on sale and we’ve seen some more quality games trickle in to the App Store. Let’s start with price decreased games. Some you should really consider getting:

Zombieville USA- was $2.99, now $0.99[App Store]

A really fun zombie shooting game. Use weapons such as flamethrowers, rockets, chainsaws, and more to defend yourself from the Zombies invading your town


Dizzy Bee 1&2- both were $2.99, both now $0.99 Dizzy Bee 2

Dizzy Bee 1

A very cute game where you are Dizzy Bee and you try to collect flowers and save your friends. Many worlds and levels to play from


Baseball Superstars 2009- was $4.99, now $1.99 for 3 days [App Store]

A very addicting, and cartoon baseball game. So many modes such as Season Mode and My League Mode are available in this game. Create and Customize you own player also to try to groom him into a baseball legend.


Bobby Carrot Forever- was $7.99, now $4.99 [App Store]

You play a rabbit, Bobby Carrot, as he explores 6 various worlds for carrots. Tons of fun sound effects and 17 high quality CD audio tracks makes this game a must have.


WordJong- was $2.99, now $0.99 [App Store]

Create words from a set of lettered tiles and complete Mahjong solitaire puzzles. Shoot for high scoring words, earn coins, and use bomb power-ups to eliminate tiles. Keep track of your high scores and also earn awards. There also is unlimited play and you can face off against the Zodiac Masters to try to get a higher score than them.


Fast and Furious: Pink Slip- was $5.99, now $2.99 [App Store]

Wins cars from races from your opponents. You’ll lose your car if you lose. There are 4 types of races in this game: drift, drag, point 2 point, and police chase. A very good arcade racing game with stunning cinematic cut scenes.


The whole Toy Bot Diaries Series- were $3.99, now $0.99

Toy Bot Diaries 1

Toy Bot Diaries 2

Toy Bot Diaries 3

You can now get one of the best platformer series available on the iPhone and iPod touch all for just $3. I recommend you get all of them, they have an excellent story line and very fun gameplay.


*Other price drops….*

Sim City- was $7.99, now $5.99 [App Store]

7 Cities- was $4.99, now $0.99 [App Store]

*Notable Lite Games*

Bike and Die 2 Lite
Arcade Hoops Lite

Zentomino Lite

Enigmo Lite

Star Wars™: The Force Unleashed™ LITE

*New Games worth a mention*

Otto Matic: Alien Invasion!

1 vs 100™

WATCHMEN: Justice is Coming


( If there is a game you think deserves to be on one of the lists, just comment on this post and I’ll add it)

3 Responses to “Week in Review- 3/7”

  1. Don said

    Great weekly wrap-up.

    Very useful for those who can’t keep up with the day-to-day happenings of the AppStore.

    I hope this happens each week from here on out. ^ ^

  2. andyl19 said

    Thanks Don! I already have done a couple of Week in Reviews already, just search “week in review”

  3. Thank you for this well-written review

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