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Want your Game Reviewed?

If any developers want their game reviewed, this is a great place for it to get reviewed. Just send me a promo code to my email: or direct message me on Twitter. Hope to review some of your games!

The Team at Andy’s Reviews

2 Responses to “Want your Game Reviewed?”

  1. Funky Visions announces Jiggle Balls for the iPhone. Please check out:

    Send email to if you’d like a promotion code to download it from the App Store for review.

    I sent a promocode to (YLHP6M96W9AH).

    Doug Davies

  2. App Name: Major Warhead
    App Store Link:
    App Store Promo Code: On Request
    Category: Game, Action
    Company Name: Drillbit Studios LLC
    Contact Information:
    Khalid Hakim
    Physical Address:
    7322 Southwest Freeway Suite 1025,
    Houston, TX 77074
    Promo Videos: and
    Strategic, Challenging and Funny: Drillbit Studios releases” Major Warhead” for the iPhone
    For every hundred iPhone games, you rarely come across that one game that catches your attention. This is what Drillbit Studios has envisioned for Major Warhead, a strategic war game. Major Warhead is a blend of real time strategy and tower defense game. Your objective is to defend your military outpost in the desert of Al Dusra. Protect your base from hoard of incoming enemies that include soldiers, suicide bombers, rocket launchers, Tanks, Jeeps, All Terrain Vehicles, Armored Personal Carriers loaded with soldiers. Most of your soldiers have been shipped off and you are left to defend your base with one Apache and two artillery. See if you can survive the waves of enemy who specialize in targeting your individual units and buildings. Protect the oil derrick to ensure enemy units don’t hide behind the smoke. Save your helipad so you can spawn more apaches when they are brought down. Watch out for the tanks. Try to win without losing any of your buildings. Major Warhead has an original soundtrack that was created by Drillbit Studios and includes comical and funny punch lines by the defending army and enemy combatants. From mad men on ATVs to suicide bombers, from rocket propelling grenades to tanks, Major Warhead promises to be a challenge for all those gamers who are waiting to conquer every game out there.

    I would appreciate your review of our game and feedback. Thank you for your time.

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