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Sneezies- Contagious and Cute at the Same Time

Posted by andyl19 on March 2, 2009

Sneezies is one of the cutest games ever for the iPhone and iPod touch device. I mean just look at the icon and you’ll find out what I’m talking about. Those adorable and fluffy creatures will surely take you over to the soft and cuddly side.


Not only is Sneezies a cute game, it has pretty good darn gameplay. Your main objective is to try to eliminate as many Sneezies in bubbles by using magical sneezing powder. Touch one of the floating Sneezies to make it sneeze and it will trigger a chain reaction and remove all the close by Sneezies around it. When you eliminate Sneezies they make a very cute “achoo”! sound. You be amazed of the marvelous chains you can start.


There are two gameplay modes in Sneezies: Classic and Challenge. Classic mode has 45 levels, each getting a little harder every time and Challenge mode has 15. Every level will have a goal of how many Sneezies you need to pop. If you don’t reach the goal you’ll still be able to move on to other levels.


The sounds, music, and graphics are gorgeous and beautiful. The sound effects will make you smile every time and the music is very soothing and tranquil. They will ease your pains and will take you to a world full of fun and cuteness. There are many backgrounds you can play in Sneezies, like a snowy one and a fall themed one.


Overall Sneezies is a superb game to burn a couple hours out of your day. I know some people out there are like” Why should I get this, it will embarrass my manliness”! You won’t care what people think of your manliness once you start playing this. Sneezies is addicting as crack and a game that will overwhelm you with it’s cutness. Great job Antair Games for making this game that outshines many quality games and Chillingo for publishing Sneezies!

4.5 out of 5*****

MB: 5.8

Price: $1.99

Get Sneezies: HERE


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Awards for February!

Posted by andyl19 on February 28, 2009

Hey guys! This will be an official post for every month from now on. We will tell you what game deserves a award for almost any catagory. So I hope you enjoy this!


Action Game- iDracula

iDracula definitely deserves action game for February. In less than a week, iDracula shot up the iTunes charts to #1. The graphics and gameplay define iDracula. It will get your blood pumping very quickly. There also are vampires, who doesn’t like that? Get it!

A close second is Sway by Illusion Labs

Word Game- Wordfu

Wordfu is butt kicking game. It combines a kung fu theme with a word game. Wordfu is a solid game to pick up whenever you have time and it includes a truck load of cool achievements. Get this game if you like kung fu and word games:) Made by Ngmoco. Wordfu Link


Adventure Game- Little Red Sled

Little Red Sled is just a very catoony, and excellent racing game made by Imangi Studios, the guys and gals that brought you Imangi and Imangi Word Squares. You race down a slope and try to avoid obstacles like evil bunnies and jump off ramps to score big points. This will bring back memories of you racing down hills, so that might even make Little Red Sled worth it. Get Little Red Sled


Puzzle Game- Zen Bound

I’ve already told you guys how good Zen Bound. If you haven’t read it yet goHere. It’s so good it doesn’t deserve 5 stars, it deserves how many stars that are in our galaxy. Zen Bound is worth the $4.99 and by the time next year rolls around, it will have almost every award possible. I’m serious. Zen Bound Link


Developer of the Month/Publisher of the Month- Secret Exit and Chillingo

Here is more props for the creators of Zen Bound, Secret Exit. They deserve this 100% with their game Zen Bound. If you don’t have Zen Bound, you should be ashamed of yourself. If you could only have one game, Zen Bound would be a sure choice for me. Congrats Secret Exit on this unbelievable game and thanks to Chillingo for publishing it!

008 chillingo-001


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Get Tangled and Lost in Zen Bound

Posted by andyl19 on February 27, 2009


One of the most anticipated games of 2009 has just been released a couple days ago. And that game would be Zen Bound. Zen Bound has gotten a lot of hype even before it was released because the devs, Secret Exit, really amazed us with a stunning preview video of it. When Zen Bound came out, I immediately downloaded it. It then became an instant favorite for me.


Zen Bound is a game where you don’t have to set high scores, but rather a game in where you can play at your own pace and to sit back and take your shoes off. So the main gameplay is that you paint wooden objects by wrapping them around with rope. Although that might sound simple, don’t be fooled. Zen Bound is actually a very challenging game. But every puzzle is solvable if you use that big brain of yours. Many of the puzzles are based off an animal, but later puzzles are simple geometric shapes. There are currently 51 puzzles in Zen Bound that are categorized in Tree of Reflection and Tree of Challenge.


The controls couldn’t get any simpler. You drag your finger on the screen to rotate the object, use two fingers to spin the object, and tilt your device to adjust the rope direction. If you hear a bell chime when your trying to wrap a wooden object you have painted enough to pass the level. To go on just tie your rope to the glowing nail to advance to another puzzle. You can still go on though. If you hear two more chimes after the first, that will tell you that you’ve reach the maximum goal.

The great thing about the levels in Zen Bound are that they hang off a tree, which is pretty cool and creative. Flowers blossom on the tree after each completed level. Up to three flowers can blossom after a level for three bell chimes. If you get enough flowers for each set of levels, you’ll be able to move on to harder and more complex levels in Zen Bound. Lanterns will light up the branches above once you have reached enough flowers.


The graphics and music in Zen Bound are some of the finest quality I’ve ever seen on the iPhone. The graphics really adapt well with the theme and makes you never want to take your eyes off. I’m serious, it’s like your eyes are literally glued onto your iPhone or iPod with hot glue! These graphics complement the controls very well and make the gaming experience and atmosphere feel comfortable and extraordinary.

The music is also very splendid. The soundtrack in Zen Bound is by “Ghost Monkey”. There is no singing, just calm and soothing sounds that will make you fall fast asleep like a one month year old baby. If you want to experience music that will transport you to a different realm, I suggest you wear your headphones. The music will envelope your whole mind with many binaural sounds and make you avoid all your surroundings. You can sit in front of a plane and you’ll probably won’t even hear it!


Zen Bound is easily one of the top games on the iPhone to date. I guarantee you that this game will soon be #1 on iTunes before you know it. Everything is just flawless and executed perfectly. The music, graphics, gameplay, and even the icon. Definitely get this gem because it will be the most fun you’ve ever had on the iPhone by far.


Zen Bound is developed by the folks that brought you Spin (Secret Exit) and published by Chillingo, the guys that also brought you iDracula, Orions, Sneezies, and Vector Tanks.

Price: $4.99

MB: 37.8

Released: February 24, 2009

Get Zen Bound, the winners of multiple awards such as EXCELLENCE IN 3D in the IMGA Awards 2009:HERE

Follow the developer and publisher Twitter:

Secret Exit


Reviewed on Version 1.0


Oh and here are some videos of Zen Bound for you to enjoy:)

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