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Arcade Hoops- Reviewed!

Posted by andyl19 on February 11, 2009

Remember when you went to arcades and played that basketball game to get tickets? Well now you don’t have to go to the arcades, it’s on your iPhone! Arcade Hoops is a sports game that you try to score as many points as possible by flicking the basketball into the hoop. All you need for this game is a fast finger and good hand-eye coordination.


There are two modes in Arcade Hoops. Classsic and Progressive. In Classic mode you have 45 seconds to try to hit as many shots as you can. In Progressive you have more time, 99 seconds, but the basket will move farther away every time. When the basket is the farthest away, it is a three point shot. Three point shots will help you get more points faster but they are the hardest shot to make.


The music and sounds in Arcade Hoops are very catchy. There are three different soundtracks for it, all very like the music you would here in a regular arcade. The sounds are very realistic like a basketball ricocheting off the rim, the clock beeping and winding down to zero, and a swish of the net. You will also see words at the top flash by as they say things like swish, air ball, and hot shot when you swish a shot, air ball a shot, or make consecutive shots.


Overall Arcade Hoops is rocking, addicting, slick, easy to play, and thrilling with high speed game play. This is one of the best basketball games out there and a must buy for all you hoopsters. I rate it a perfect 5/5 with 5 Stars*****

Price: $1.99



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