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New Papi Game!

Posted by andyl19 on April 29, 2009


Yes another game from Sunflat, the makers of PapiJump and a bunch of other games, have released a new Papi game, PapiMissile. As usual, the game is very simple like the rest of the games. This is what the game is mostly about:

OMG! Many enemy missiles are falling down to the Papi Town.

Slide your finger from a military base to launch Mr.Papi (red ball guy) and break all the enemy missiles.

– If you break many missiles at a time, you get more score.

– If all the bases are destroyed by missiles, the game is over.

– Sometimes an extra base flies through the air. If he gets it, a destroyed base will be recovered.

That’s basically all you do. Good thing about most of these Papi games are that they are FREE! So I suggest you download it if you like the other games in the Papi series.

MB: 1.9


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