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Flick NBA Basketball OUT!

Posted by andyl19 on April 27, 2009


What a great time to get a basketball game! You can play this game as you watch the playoffs!  Although in Flick NBA Basketball, you cannot play a real basketball game, there are five individual events you can play in: 3 Pt. Shootout, H.O.R.S.E., Hotshot Arcade, Long Shot, and a fun Ball Spin mini game. What’s good about this game is that their are REAL NBA players in Flick NBA Basketball for every team in the league! Here’s a list of the players available:

Los Angeles Lakers – Kobe Bryant
Atlanta Hawks -Joe Johnson
Miami Heat – Dwyane Wade
Milwaukee Bucks – Richard Jefferson
Boston Celtics – Kevin Garnett
Houston Rockets – Yao Ming
Minnesota Timberwolves – Al Jefferson
Charlotte Bobcats – Gerald Wallace
New Jersey Nets – Vince Carter
Chicago Bulls – Derrick Rose
New Orleans Hornets – Chris Paul
Cleveland Cavaliers – LeBron James
New York Knicks – Nate Robinson
Dallas Mavericks – Dirk Nowitzki
Oklahoma City Thunder – Kevin Durant
Denver Nuggets – Carmelo Anthony
Orlando Magic – Dwight Howard
Detroit Pistons – Allen Iverson
Philadelphia 76ers – Andre Iguodala
Golden State Warriors – Monta Ellis
Phoenix Suns – Shaquille O’Neal
Houston Rockets – Yao Ming
Portland Trail Blazers – Brandon Roy
Indiana Pacers – Danny Granger
Sacramento Kings – Kevin Martin
Los Angeles Clippers – Baron Davis
San Antonio Spurs – Tim Duncan
Toronto Raptors – Chris Bosh
Memphis Grizzlies – Rudy Gay
Utah Jazz – Carlos Boozer
Miami Heat – Dwyane Wade
Washington Wizards – Caron Butler


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2009-04-27_190745 2009-04-27_190809



So jump on this opportunity to get another great game from Freeverse!

MB: 80.4

Price: $4.99

Flick NBA Basketball

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