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Blocked Review + Gameplay Video

Posted by andyl19 on April 4, 2009

Sometimes when your down, a quick puzzle is all you need. Blocked by Joel Rosenberg is exactly what you need. If you’ve ever played Rush Hour, this is exactly like that except without the cars. Instead this game uses blocks. Not only is this game perfect for short periods of time, this game can also keep you occupied for large amounts of time with its 100 levels of touch and drag action.


If you have no idea how to play Blocked, don’t worry as anybody can learn how to play this game even without instructions. The gameplay is really simple, all you have to do is move the gray blocks out of the way so the blue block has a path out. Although this might sound very simple, don’t be fooled. The levels start out very easy but gradually increase in difficulty. Blocked has five levels of difficulty: Easy, Medium, Hard, Harder, and Hardest.


The only negative of this game is that there are absolutely no music and sound effects. I guess you could just listen to your own music, but we all have to agree sound effects and music would be nice. Other than that, there isn’t really any other complaint from me.


In the end Blocked is a solid game that will keep your brain thinking and you hooked. At some times you can’t even quit the game because your too engaged in the game. This game is just $0.99 and literally does not take any room on your iPod or iPhone. I’m not forcing you to buy this game, but this simple game is just a gem that sticks out of the 30,000+ games on the App Store.


Gameplay Video of Blocked

MB: 1.0

Developer Website



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    Please tell me the app’s name once you redeem it

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