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Aurora Feint II Lite Details

Posted by andyl19 on March 24, 2009

I just got a chance to beta test Aurora Feint II Lite from Danielle Cassley and Jason Citron. It includes all of the same functions and features as the original Aurora Feint and will be FREE. The most exciting thing is that it’ll include more community features such as a newsfeed for every player. This game will be the successor to the original free Aurora Feint: The Beginning.

After a couple minutes of playing around with it, I noticed the framerate and overall performance have been improved very much. The art and music are also better than ever. I’ve also heard the game play has been upgraded to add additional strategy and the tools have been changed to add more incentive to use and level them up also. Depending on the devs situation, you probably can expect this to be out soon(hopefully)

The only thing you might not like are the ads they have added to the Lite version. Soon could be distracting and easy to accidentally click.

Overall this should be very fun if you have had experience with the original Aurora Feint. It would probably be hard for you not to buy the paid version.


aurora-feint-2-beta-009 aurora-feint-2-beta-010

aurora-feint-2-beta-012 aurora-feint-2-beta-013

aurora-feint-2-beta-014 aurora-feint-2-beta-015

I’ll be posting more screenshots soon….

UPDATE: More Screenshots

001 002



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