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Guest Review and Giveaway- BlackJack Run

Posted by andyl19 on March 22, 2009

This review was writtened by Conrad Weykamp! Please follow him on Twitter! @conradweykamp. The CEO of Seahorse Software, James Lee, was also kind enough to provide you guys with Three promo codes! To win just comment on this review or tweet the following on Twitter: Win BlackJack Run for iPhone/Ipod touch! Go to@AndyL19’s site, for more details! UPDATE: Codes all gone!;)

BlackJack Run is a quick-fire blackjack style game from Seahorse Software The premise behind the game is to make as many blackjack hands as possible. You are given cards one at a time, and cannot see beyond that card.


Games consist of multiple rounds (you can choose to play 3 or unlimited rounds) each round you have to make at least 95 points to advance to the next round. Points are scored by the value each card holds, the closer you are to 21 in each row the better, (for more points and bonus points) Bonus points are scored by having a 2 card blackjack (+100 for each), a 3+ hand of 21 (+50 for each), all row 21 (+200 points) and time left (10x each second).


The great thing about this game is the amount of different options you have to customize you game experience. For example, you can change the background, amount of rounds, how many starting cards you have, wether or not to display the total on the side, and seconds per round.

Each of these settings can be changed to customize to a certain level, the level only determines which settings you are playing at. For example playing at level 13 is the same as playing at level one except you play for unlimited rounds instead of 3.


Another nice thing about this game is how quickly it is to pick up and put down, the perfect balance for a mobile game. Each round takes a max of 30 seconds and you can always hit the home key and the game will be saved for you to play once you’re ready.


Of course you can upload your score to the global highscore list, or keep your own local high scores.

A few disappointing things about this game is I have encountered two crashes, however they were not during gameplay.

Another strange thing is when you have multiple cards turned down, the total of the cards will be shown before you start the game. While this does not affect gameplay too much, it is a strange design choice, because the player will know that they need lower or higher cards (depending if the total before the cards are flipped are high or low). I suspect that this is a bug and will be fixed in an update.

Otherwise, this is a very addicting, well thought-out game that deserves more attention.

++ Addicting
++ Fun gameplay that doesn’t get old

== Meh graphics

— Few crashes (didn’t affect gameplay)

Get BlackJack Run on the App Store!

Developed by Seahorse Software, LLC

MB: 2.2

Price: $4.99


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