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Week in Review 3/21

Posted by andyl19 on March 21, 2009

Sorry guys that I’ve haven’t got a lot of stuff out this week, I was feeling a little sick. But that sickness wasn’t able to stop me from giving you guys your weekly iPhone Game Week in Review;)

Let’s start with mentionable Lite games this week, shall we?


Virtual Villagers 2 Lite

Try the smash hit game that became famous on the Mac and PC right on your iPhone for free! Any sim and survival fan will love this.


Supermarket Mania Free

One of the many great time management games available for you to try before getting the full version. Features:

– 50 Levels
– Five shops
– Seven types of customers
– Over a dozen products to sell
– Over 20 accessories and upgrades for your shop
– Full storyline
– Highest quality graphics, sounds effects, and music


WordJong Lite

A very good word game among the many already available in the App Store. Use the set of tiles to create words to get high scores and big bonuses.


Hospital Havoc Free

Help your doctor treat some whacky patients and also help manage it. Features:

– 20 career levels (including 5 tutorial levels)
– 3 levels of difficulty for all levels
– 17 different illnesses to manage
– 8 scenarios
– Customizable continuous play for endless enjoyment
– 5 different power-ups and numerous medical machines
– Ability to select a male or female doctor (a total of 10 different choices)
– Ability to select a male or female nurse assistant (a total of 12 different


Little Red Sled Lite

Definitely one of the fastest and funnest racers you can get. Features:

– Original piano soundtrack
– Fluid 3D animations
– Responsive accelerometer controls
– Bonus items
– Jumps
– Air tricks

Some pretty good games were also released this week:

golfLet’s Golf-$5.99(gameloft)

rastamonkeyRasta Monkey-$1.99(Nitako)

aaAlien Abuse-$0.99(Eurocenter)

mgstMETAL GEAR SOLID TOUCH-$7.99(Konami)

Really consider picking some of those games up:)



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  1. matt said

    This blog’s great!! Thanks :).

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