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Game that will make you say, WTF!?

Posted by andyl19 on March 21, 2009

Little note to everyone: I have not downloaded this app.

You might be saying to yourself what app could possibly make me say that? Well that game is Pee Monkey Jungle Fire. Yes you probably can’t believe what your reading right now but it’s true. As a matter of fact I can’t believe what I’m even typing right now.

The app store description really says what this game is meant to be: a peeing action game

The jungle is on fire!

With fire falling all around, PeeMonkey must protect the other monkeys (the GeeMonkeys) by putting out fires the only way he knows how… Help our hero as he saves the rainforest and each monkey — all in one flow!

• cool peeing controls and effects
• helicopter-like cloud flying controls and drifting effects
• put out fires before the GeeMonkeys go up in flames
• shoot fires in mid-air for extra points!
• monitor your “pee meter” to see if you’re running dry
• catch the water drops to refill (i.e., quench your thirst)
• 10 action-packed levels of increasing difficulty
• atmospheric sounds & parallax backgrounds
• in-game high score

I’m just shaking my head after reading that…

Now the only good thing about this game is probably the graphics. At least they managed to put out some eye catching ones. Here are some screenshots:




I just checked out the developers website-> out it seems they are coming out with another game: PeeMonkey Toilet Training. (I’ll probably need another post just to talk about that). So overall I guess if you like monkeys peeing to save a whole burning rainforest, get this. But if you don’t like stuff like that, probably don’t get Pee Monkey Jungle Fire. (Once again I did not buy this game)

Get Pee Monkey Jungle Fire

[App Store]



Developer: Exoweb Ltd



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