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New Game from Eurocenter- Alien Abuse

Posted by andyl19 on March 17, 2009

Alien Abuse was just released from the people who made other games like Bomber Online, Eurocenter. Early buyers have said this game is just like Castlevania or Metroid. There also have been some negative things said, like the controls are very hard to use. Right now this game is $o.99 for a limited time.


Features in this game include:

– More than 20 hours of game + extras bonuses
– Deadly weapons including laser rifle, grenade launchers, heat-seeking rocket launchers, plasma rifles, flamethrowers, laser sabers, and the nefarious Death Frisbees.
– Power-ups that augment your capabilities. Some allow you to increase your health limit, move faster, turn invisible, and even fly.
– Highly interactive environment with doors, switches, teleporters, hidden walls, buttons, activators, elevators galore to play with.
–  Downright scary sound effects. From alien shrieks and far-off clanging machinery to pulsating lasers or your own thumping heartbeat.

Some enemies in this game you’ll face are


“The ant is the enemy that you will meet most frequently. Much more deadly than the insect variety.

Straight out of Alien these creatures will gnash, claw and shoot their way to a chance to dine on your tender flesh. Ants are somewhat intelligent predators in that they will use their ability to walk on ceilings in order to avoid your attempts to destroy them. Beware: ants often travel in packs.

Each type of ant is a different color and fires one of the eight (or four) weapons provided in the game.”


“These giant robots have in their possession an unlimited number of grenades and they aren’t exactly conservative with their supply. Some models of this robot are immobile while later models will walk towards your character in order to get a better shot. Juggernauts are quite tough and can take a lot of direct hits before they shatter to pieces but unfortunately you usually aren’t given a choice to run away.”


“These agile robots have the ability of flight. Flyers never stand still so they are often difficult to target however a steady stream of laser pulses or guided missles usually do the trick.”

There also many power-ups in Alien Abuse. Some in there are:

Fast Power-up

Fly Power-up

Health Power-up

Sneaky Power-up







Please check out the website of Alien Abuse for more Screenshots->

Gameplay Video of Alien Abuse

Get Alien Abuse on the App Store!

MB: 11.3



4 Responses to “New Game from Eurocenter- Alien Abuse”

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  2. wonker said

    Interesting blog, I’ll try and spread the word.

  3. andyl19 said

    Thanks Wonker!!

  4. matt said

    This blog’s great!! Thanks :).

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