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Oregon Trail, Space Bikers, and Sully’s Flight are all out

Posted by andyl19 on March 11, 2009

One of the classic games almost everyone has played, Oregon Trail, has been approved and now out on the App Store. Features of it include:


– All of the decision-making and problem-solving fun of the original game, plus additional parameters to take the Oregon Trail experience even further than you’ve played before.

– 8 skill-based mini-games, including 2 accelerometer-based challenges: hunting, fishing, river crossing, rafting, wagon repairing, telegraph, berry picking, and gold panning.

– Random events (disease, bandits, hitchhikers, etc.) faced by real pioneers increases the challenge.

– Side-missions add more excitement to your journey, affecting your westward trek.

– Prepare for your departure: Select the members of your party, choose your departure date and purchase supplies.

[App Store]

Another solid title from Chillingo has also been arrived today. If you liked their other game, Bike and Die 2, you’ll certainly like this game. Features:

space-bikers* Interesting storyline about space bikers adventures

* Detailed 3D levels

* Special Mini-Games built-in
* Advanced rag-doll physics

* English, Russian, French, German, Dutch, Italian, Spanish localization built-in

[App Store]

Also another flight simulator hits the App Store, this time being another one from Laminar Research, Sully’s Flight. Sully’s Flight is a realistic simulation of Chesley Sullenberger’s interesting flight of January 15, 2009, from LaGuardia to the Hudson River.[App Store]




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