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5 Fingers Games Bundle is a Life Saver

Posted by andyl19 on March 10, 2009

Recently 5 developers teamed up and combined their previously released games all under one icon. The developers and games involved are:

Majic Jungle Software- Chopper

Antair Corporation- Sneezies

IMS- Burnball

Warhorse Games- Blackbeard’s Assault

Veiled Games- Up There


You’ll be able to play all these fantastic games now all at one place and don’t have to click that homescreen button. And the best thing is that it’s at a bargain price. If you decided to buy all those games separately now, it would cost you 11 bucks. But if you buy the 5 Fingers Games Bundle it would only cost you 5 bucks. So if you were wise, you’d probably want to buy that instead.

I personally have  three games out of the five(Chopper, Sneezies, and Burnball) and love all of them. If you love Qix like games, get Burnball. If you like action, shooting, and helicopters, get Chopper. If you like cute, simple, and addicting games, get Sneezies. I’ve also heard many great things about Up There and Blackbeard’s Assault, so you’ll probably enjoy them very much.


Also if you’re an app addict just like me, these games will definitely conserve space for other games. I mean 5 quality games all in one!? C’mon this is a no brainer to get. So go get 5 Fingers Game Bundle at your local App Store now!!
[App Store Link]

Also make sure you check out my Sneezies review also->HERE

Make sure to follow these great developers on Twitter!

Majic Jungle Software

Antair Games

Warhorse Games

Veiled Games


Price: $4.99

MB: 43.9



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