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Great game similar to Gyruss and Tempest- Triphids

Posted by andyl19 on March 4, 2009

Triphids for the iPhone and iPod touch is very much like the arcade classics Gyruss and Tempest. You fly in a experimental prototype known as a Wyndham and try to hold back the evil Triphids while avoiding being blown up into smithereens.


The gameplay is very similar Gyruss, you move in circles around the screen to avoid the Triphid’s blasts and to get better shots at eliminating multiple Triphids. To shoot you just tap and hold on the screen to fire rapid amounts. But make sure don’t overheat your ship or you’ll burn out it’s lasers. As you progress through the levels you’ll gather many types of weapon upgrades and ship restoration capsules.


There are many awesome features that make Triphids a very enjoyable SHMUP game. There are two main modes in this game, Arcade Mode and Perpetual Mode, which is just a fancy mode for endless. In Arcade Mode you face many different enemies and have epic boss battles. In Perpetual Mode, you try to kill as many of your foes as possible, without getting yourself incinerated in the longest time you can survive. The difficulty will gradually increase as you make your way through the 27 hardcore stages Triphids offers.


The  music in Triphids includes one fabulous retro soundtrack. But if you aren’t a fan of old school retro music you can always choose your own funky iPod music. The lovely pixel graphics really makes this game feel like your playing Tempest or Gyruss again 10 years ago.


Overall Triphids is an enjoyable retro game that will take you back to the arcade “golden years”. You’ll definitely have tons of fun experiences with this little and intense Shoot Em’ Up and be staying up playing this all night long.

4 out of 5 stars

Made by Soulstrewn Studios LLC

Price: $0.99

MB: 15.1

Reviewed on Version 1.1

Get Triphids on the iTunes store



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