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geoDefense-New TD game

Posted by carolynn7 on February 25, 2009

I’m a big Tower Defense (TD) game fan. I’ve been playing it on my computer for a few years now. Ever since I got my iPod Touch, I’ve been playing more TD than ever before because it’s really fun to play on a touch screen. There are a ton of TD games out there for the iPhone/iPod Touch, but I wanted to review a more recent one, so I chose geoDefense.


This game plays a lot like most TD games. You have a path and towers to place near the path. You have creeps or bad guys that travel along the path. If they get to the end they steal a life from you. Your towers shoot down the creeps to stop them from getting to the end. Tower Defense in a nut shell. But geoDefense offers some unique towers that stand out from the rest. There are 5 different tower types; Blaster, Laser, Missile, Shock and Vortex. The blaster tower  is basically a gun tower that fires fast. The laser tower shoots a long laser beam with medium speed.  The missile tower is high powered, but slow. The shock tower does no damage , but it slows the creeps down for a short time. The vortex tower is especially different. It gathers the debris from destroyed creeps and makes other towers more powerful for a short period of time. Each tower can be leveled up to increase the amount of damage they do. You can level each tower up to 7 times. The game includes 30 maps; 10 easy, 10 medium and 10 hard.


So what’s great about this game? Almost everything! The graphics are so amazing you need to see them on your iDevice, as the screenshots don’t do it justice. There are fireworks, explosions and particals flying everywhere.  The game play is very challenging, but super fun. Every map is it’s own puzzle that you have to figure out. The sounds included are perfect for the game and sound good. There is no background music, but you can play your iPod tunes in the background without trouble. If you get a call or need to shut the game down, it will save your progress.

What’s not so great? Well, the only thing I can say here is that I’d love to see more content. And, the high scores are a bit small and hard to read. The creeps are also a little small and a little tough to see, and they move fast.


My overall impression of geoDefense: This is one supurb game! The graphics are amazingly beautiful, it’s highly polished and hard to put down. The gameplay is challenging and it really makes you think about where your are going to place your towers. You can’t be slow either, you have to think on your toes! This game is also very cost effective at $0.99 cents, so stop what you are doing and get it now! Thanks go out to the developer, David Whatley, for bringing us this wonderful strategy gem.

Link to geoDefense


4 Responses to “geoDefense-New TD game”

  1. Thanks for the great review! It was fun making the game, and glad you enjoyed it!

    — David

  2. carolynn7 said

    Well I am still enjoying it! Are you going to add more towers or maps? I’d really love that. heehehe Thanks again for the wonderful game.

  3. I’m definitely adding more levels. I might save new towers for the sequel, but the jury is still out. There’s a few hidden things in the towers that are there already. 🙂

  4. My brother would love this blog post. We were recently speaking about this. hehe

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