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Monkey Bash review

Posted by iphonetech78 on February 24, 2009

Monkey Bash by MegaTouch is a spank that monkey and see how far it flies game. The rules of this game is very simple. Simply spank that naughty monkey and see how it flies in the sky.

The monkey will hit banana peels, ramps and trampolines in the process and that momentum will enable to make that monkey fly more further.
You just need to watch out for barrels that will impede your progress though.

Initially, I thought it was not so fun. But as you try a few times, you will
get addicted for sure as the crave to beat your own high score gets the better
of yourself.

This game is a definitely must-get. It is only $0.99 with great graphics and
great sounds. My highest score is 265.83 yards.

Included in the game is leaderboard. You can compete among people online for highest scores. How does that sound? Great huh.

Remember to spank that monkey and you will not be caught for animal cruelty as it is just a game. No animals are harmed in this playing of this game. 🙂

Get the game on ITunes here.


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