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Pirate Attack 2 Promo Code Giveway

Posted by iphonetech78 on February 23, 2009

Here is a promo code giveway by CXI gaming Inc. They are giving away 3 codes to Pirate Attack 2.

1. In Pirates of the Caribbean, after the last cannon shot when the Black Pearl takes siege of the town, what cartoon character’s head
shape can be seen in the sky?

2. what other 2 apps did CXI Gaming release?

3. Name 3 outstanding pirate game on the itunes App store
which is most talked about in the forums.

4. what flag is being hoist when pirates are preparing to hijack a vessel?

5. What Island was Pirates of the Caribbean filmed on?

First 3 people who give the correct answers get the 3 codes.

8 Responses to “Pirate Attack 2 Promo Code Giveway”

  1. James Clements said

    1. Mickey Mouse
    2. iMind Reader & Chinese Horoscope 2009
    3. Blackbeards Assault, Pirates Sea Battle 2, and of course Pirate Attack 2!
    4. Skull and Crossbones
    5. Grenedines at St Vincent , also in the jungle of Dominica.

    Fingers (and bones) crossed! Arr!


  2. Erik Holder said

    1. Mickey Mouse
    2. a. imind reader b. chinese horoscope
    3. Booty Block, Crossbones, Pirates: Sea Battle 2
    4. Jolly Roger flag
    5. Dominica

  3. Debbie said

    1. Mickey Mouse
    2. Mind Reader, Chinese Horoscope, Pirate Attack 2
    3. Crossbones, Cypher, and of course Pirate Attack 2 😉
    4. Crossbones and skulls
    5. Since there’s no subtitle I’m assuming the first one, Curse of the Black Pearl, filmed on the islands of St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

  4. Debbie said

    Argh I thought this was going to be submitted by email! 😦

  5. jawslover said

    1.) Mickey Mouse
    2.)Chinese Horoscope 2009, iMind Reader
    3.)Pirate Attack 2, Pirates: Sea battles 2, Pirate Master 3
    4.)Jolly Roger
    5.)St. Vincent

  6. iphonetech78 said

    and the winners are Debbie, jawslover and James Clements.

    Please send me your emails so I can email the codes to you.

  7. andyl19 said

    @iphonetech78 There email addresses are,, and

  8. iphonetech78 said

    All codes are handed out .

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