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Archive for February 23rd, 2009

The most Colorful game I’ve ever seen- Dapple

Posted by andyl19 on February 23, 2009

I’m pretty sick of color matching games on the App Store, but Dapple has revived my feeling of them. Dapple is a color matching game with a very good twist from Streaming Colour Studios. You make matches by mixing paints around you to form new colors. For example if you have the color yellow by a green, the yellow color will mix into a green and form a match. In order to get a match you have to get a match of four or more.


At first you might not know how to play Dapple, but this game gives you many tips and hints so you’ll know how to play it in no time. Once you know how to play Dapple, it can be very fun and addictive like cocaine.

iphone-games-007There are a variety of modes in Dapple. If you want to relax you should choose the “Classic” mode. If you want a little challenge try “Timed”. Or if you have a friend both of you should try the 2 player mode. If your colorblind, no fear as you can change the colors to more suitable ones in the options.


The thing you have to watch out in Dapple is the brown paint. If you have too much of it, it can quickly end your game. But the good thing is that you use other colors to take out the brown paint. There are also powerups in Dapple. If you see a raindrop on the board, you can use it to eliminate large groups of colors. To use the raindrop you simply have to match it will another color. The other special item is a diamond. If you match it up, it will eliminate all the paint squares of the same color.

The soundtrack in Dapple is one of the best I’ve ever heard. It’s very soothing and would make anyone fall asleep(literally). The graphics are sharp,colorful, and easy on the eyes. Another great thing about Dapple is that it will keep track of your personal high scores.


Overall Dapple is one of the best color matching games on the app store. I know the price( $4.99) might seem a little steep,  but you’ll definitely not regret if you buy it. If you have questions about Dapple, I suggest you tweet OwenGoss or email him at

4.5 stars out of 5

Get Dapple Here


Here is a walk through video of Dapple

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MoMo Notes App Review

Posted by iphonetech78 on February 23, 2009

Momo is a note-taking app by MK HQ. It works like a memo or notes taking app which can synch to the web.

Here are my first impressions of this app. I tried creating 2 notes by keying by adding a new note using the far right notepad icon.

It also allow adding pictures to the memos. Just click on the camera icon.

However, I find when emailing notes with images, only the note without the image gets sent to my email.

However, there is no issue synching notes with images. This works perfectly.

You can sort the momo notes by its tags. You can add different tags to each note. You can also email the developer from the app when you hit problems with usage of the app. I see this a welcome feature.

Other than that, you can also lock your notes inside the app with a passcode to prevent others from viewing your private notes.

The notes are sorted by date, which you can view by the calendar.

The url to see the momo notes you synch to the web is This function really works.

At $4.99, I believe it is a worthwhile buy except for the minor glitch emailing notes with images, which I hope will be fixed in the next release.

Get this app on itunes here.

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Pirate Attack 2 Promo Code Giveway

Posted by iphonetech78 on February 23, 2009

Here is a promo code giveway by CXI gaming Inc. They are giving away 3 codes to Pirate Attack 2.

1. In Pirates of the Caribbean, after the last cannon shot when the Black Pearl takes siege of the town, what cartoon character’s head
shape can be seen in the sky?

2. what other 2 apps did CXI Gaming release?

3. Name 3 outstanding pirate game on the itunes App store
which is most talked about in the forums.

4. what flag is being hoist when pirates are preparing to hijack a vessel?

5. What Island was Pirates of the Caribbean filmed on?

First 3 people who give the correct answers get the 3 codes.

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