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Games you should check out this Week 2/21

Posted by andyl19 on February 21, 2009

This week has been a very big week of iPhone game releases. Some big games that came out were: iDracula,
Aqua Moto Racing, Tamagotchi: Round the World,
Shooter, Little Red Sled, The Quest, Vector Tanks, and Zombieville USA

I’ve heard many great things about iDracula from my Twitter friends and other websites. They say it’s very awesome and one of the best shooter games on the iPhone. You should probably consider getting it. Plus it’s only $0.99 for a limited time so here’s your chance if you want to get iDracula.

The only game I have right now from those games is Little Red Sled. It’s a very fun racing game, has cartoon graphics, and EVIL BUNNIES!! Just get that game yourself and see why it’s so good. It’s only a measly $1.99.


There also have been many lite games released this week. Some of them you might look to try out are:
Tower Bloxx Deluxe 3d Lite
Air Hockey Fingertip Sports Lite
Everest:Hidden Expedition Lite
Mafia LIVE! Free Version
Baseball Superstars Lite!
Smash it Up! Lite
Puzzle Quest Free
Nicky Boom Lite
Radio Flare Lite
Quick Draw Lite
i Love Katamari Lite
Krypton Egg Lite
Deal or No Deal: Million Dollar Mission Lite
Tamagotchi:Round the World Lite
Aqua Moto Racing Lite
Speed Fiend Free

Also many sources have said Sway by Illusion Labs and Zen Bound by Secret Exit will be out very soon. Watch out if those games come out because they both look very impressive

Sway-Illusion Labs Trailer

Zen Bound Gameplay Trailer



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