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Review of the Day- Air Hockey

Posted by andyl19 on February 12, 2009

Very simple, but a whole lot of fun. That is what Air Hockey by Acceleroto is.  Air Hockey is a one player and two player hockey game for the iPhone and iPod touch. Although you might think air hockey games for the iPhone are boring and dull, that is not the case for this game.


Air Hockey is certainly one of the simpliest and best games available for the iPhone. Here is why: There are six modes in Air Hockey,( That’s right six! ) Kiddie, Easy, Medium, Hard, Expert, and INSANE! The  reason why I love Air Hockey the most is that your able to play with two pucks or one for extreme fun. To win you must be the first to score 7 points on your opponent.


The sounds in Air Hockey are just great. They make you feel like your actually in a real arcade playing against one of your buddies! The goals and mallets are the perfect size and the feel of this game is incredible. Your eyes will feel the pressure as your trying to keep up with the rocketing puck and to try to score goals as quickly as possible. Overall Air Hockey scores a goal from me and is the game every iPhone needs. 4.5 /5,  4.5 Stars


PRICE: $0.99



One Response to “Review of the Day- Air Hockey”

  1. KRAPPS said

    Love this game … puck and paddle movement are totally realistic. Thanks for the review!

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